Friday, September 27, 2013

Painful Sex Vs. 'Normal' Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

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Painful sex and vulvodynia are health issues that affect millions of women, but  they are often under-reported and misdiagnosed. This is according to, [fronted by Sally Turner and Sabine Tyrvainen] who have produced this short film to raise awareness around the issues. Who remembers the previous video we shared here? Yes, women4real were inspired by Some Real Sex Facts Explained With Food.

According to their press release, women4real "loved the film's humour and creativity as an issues-raiser and were inspired to bring some hot sauce to the table (along with a frankfurter, a finger roll and a creatively spliced chilli) to highlight" the burning issues of painful sex and vulvodynia. Check out the video :)

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  1. Not as funny as the first. Video but that burning peppers made me sqeeze my legs. Painful.


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