Thursday, September 12, 2013

Olu Of Warri Does The Right Thing, Agrees Not To Renounce Traditional Title

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So the Christian monarch of Warri, the Ogiame Atuwase II had decided to get closer to God, and one way he felt to do that was to renounce one of his titles, the Ogiame. However, Itsekiri people in Warri were not having it, they have been protesting since Sept. 7 to prevent the chief from doing that.

Some Itsekiri women had also planned to stage a protest on Tuesday at the palace of the Olu, but the same agternoon, the Olu rescinded his decision, bowing to the wishes of his subjects.

I think the Olu of Warri had a good idea to make a big statement about his Christain faith, but is going about it the wrong way. The best thing he can do is to leave the throne completely to those willing to continue to traditions. And if the traditions are not meant to stand, they will certainly fall.

According to Naij News,

The Itsekiri monarch on Tuesday succumbed to the wishes of his subjects not to renounce the title when tension heightened around his palace.

Atuwase II had allegedly planned to relinquish the traditional title of “Ogiame’’ for a yet to be disclosed title, but the decision did not go down well with the entire Itsekiri people.

The Olu of Warri, who claimed the title Ogiame is associated with “Sea goddess’’, said he had nothing to do with the deity.

A statement issued by 22 Palace Chiefs at the height of the protest, criticised the decision of the monarch to renounce the title of Ogiame.

The statement, read by one of the chiefs, Mrs Rita Lori-Ogbebor, noted that Ogiame had nothing to do with the worship of any deity.

“In Warri Kingdom, there are Christians, Muslims and Pagans, she said.

Meanwhile, the Itsekiri people and the aggrieved chiefs had pledged their unalloyed loyalty to their king for `toeing the part of honour and withdrawing the decision to renounce his title.


  1. Some will not agree but the best tjing for this man is to step down.

  2. I think it would have been a good idea for him to have renounced the title.. Sometimes God puts a man in a position of authority to bring a change or turn the people's hearts or the nation back to Him.
    There are many instances of kings in the bible who came to rule over a nation of idol-worshippers or with traditional beliefs and on getting there destroyed the idols and declared that only the true living God be worshipped. God blessed them for that..

    I believe that sometimes people are put into positions of autority to make a change..


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