Monday, September 2, 2013

Mommy Time - Beyonce in Seven-Inch Heels And Carrying Blue Ivy

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Beyonce was photographed walking up a yacht's gangplank in seven-inch-high heels while carrying Blue Ivy aboard in Ibiza, Spain. Seriously, Beyonce is probably super-human, or an alien, I mean, I can barely walk in my 5-inch heels, and this mother is carrying her almost 2years-old child in higher heels, stilettos for that matter? I shouldn't be too surprised, she dances in them so...


  1. ummmmm loooooooooool...why is blue ivy's hair like that? na wa for Beyonce o...her legs must be very strong!

  2. Yeah. She dances in those shoes, she might as well walk in them. They may also be very comfortable

  3. Queen Bey rocks!!! *drops mic* LOL

  4. Oh yea, queen Bey aka my bestie is superhuman

  5. the baby really favors her father.
    carbon copy!

  6. U stil summarized rite...she dances in em so y cant she walk or climb wearin em. I hope to be like dat someday


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