Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Late Prophet Ajanaku's Widow Forced To Move Into A Rented Apartment As His family Disputes Her Status

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Prophet Ireti Ajanaku died back in August, and less than a month later, Joy Ajanaku, his wife, has been forced to move out of the home the couple owned, and in which their family lived, into a rented apartment. This is because her late husband's family have allegedly been making life even more difficult for her since her husband died by trying to grab onto his assets.

Men, please write your wills now. If you're married and you have children, protect your wife and children by preparing a will. Even single people can write a will too. You don't need to be a millionaire to write a will, even with just a pair of trousers and a shirt, you can will them to your nearest and dearest to prevent dispute.

So, the Ajanaku family are supposedly using the argument that Joy Ajanaku is not really Prophet Ajanaku's widow as she was not properly married. The poor woman has been depending on the generosity and understanding of her late husband's church board to house her children and herself.

According to Linda Ikeji,

Joy and Ireti Ajanaku lived together for 7 years before finally formalizing their union with a court wedding in 2010 but the family insist that the wedding never took place...and want her removed as the man's next of kin. Family members are now fighting over his assets said to be worth millions of Naira.

Despite having issue's her late husband's family, Joy Ajanaku is on great terms with members of the church her husband left behind. The ministry's board agreed to install her as their new leader and said the late prophet anointed her as the chosen one before his death. They also said they have a wedding certificate to prove that she was truly married to their late spiritual leader. Joy and some members of the church are getting ready to take late Ajanaku's family to court over his estate.

In this day and age, we should not be hearing that widows and their children are thrown out on the streets, or forced to change their lifestyle, not just because they lost a provider, but because greedy relatives are out to grasp as much of the dead parent's property as they can, whether they deserve it, or not and whether they would have got it from the dead person when they were alive.

And really this is not just for the men, but for women also. Take care of your financial and legal affairs as a couple, get your wills done, life insurance, next of kin for property and accounts, and power of attorney for health purposes and others. It saves so much heartache, and can be what holds you family together when you're not there.

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