Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hide Your Husband, Hide Their Balls, the Pacu, a Testicle-eating Fish, is Here

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Maybe it's a good thing summer is almost over. But if the cold river or lake is not enough to deter men who love swimming, then maybe this news will. At the last check, the testicle eating fish was just native to places in South America, but now it has been found in the US, Sweden, France, and could be making it's way to the UK.

According to the Independent,

The Pacu, a fish dubbed the ‘ball-cutter’ because it has reportedly bitten off men’s testicles, has been found in Paris and there are fears it could be making its way to the UK.

The small piranha-like fish was found in European waters for the first time in August with experts warning men to keep their trunks on if swimming in the Øresund channel between Denmark and Sweden.

Now the pacu has been found in the River Seine, The Paris Prefecture of Police newsletter revealed on Tuesday. Although officers were skeptical of the tropical catch, its human-like teeth marked the species as the feared ‘testicle eating’ pacu.

So, to all men out there, please keep the family jewels in your trunks and out of the Pacu's mouth :)


  1. I get scared when it gets to Nigeria or when i visit places they are present in.Very terrible fishes though,why the balls of all places on the man's body?

  2. Might those fishes be angry women who have been dumped.*kidding*

  3. @A-9Ja-Great, u never can tell, its a huge possibility and these women turned fish are really angry, best keep off waters with them pacus in it. . . lol

  4. Blessings...... need iron trunks, then there problem will be staying afloat and not sinking...ha!

  5. dramatic much!! The fishes aim for the balls cause a naked swimming man cant protect those dangly bits in an attack. Same for the breasts in a nude female swimmer. But its more fun to scare the men about their treasure strove lol

  6. *trove

    I should add 'probably' too. I am no marine biologist.

    1. Why not the long one too, but just the balls?

    2. lol. They re being PG I guess. penis eating fish just sounds awkward...


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