Monday, September 2, 2013

Good Girls like Bad Guys; Fact or Fiction?

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By Eky Shirley

Happy new week everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and stayed out of trouble. Okay, since we have gotten the confessions out of the way, let us examine today`s mini discourse. I am quite certain most of us have come across this saying, at one time or another. 'Good girls love bad guys'. How true is it though? I can already hear the varying arguments in my head; for and against.

In my opinion, it`s a bit in between fact and fiction; every girl likes a little of the 'bad boy' (please note, I use the term loosely). That little 'je ne sais quoi', a little unpredictability. The ability to completely surprise you sometimes and send the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Yes, we all want that sometimes.

However, all the time? A bad boy through and through who has no respect for your feelings whatsoever; who can stand you up at the drop of the hat, without a seemingly suitable explanation. I THINK NOT. In my opinion, there`s a reason Bungee jumpers don't jump everyday. Too much adrenaline (like too much of anything else) is bad for you.

This is just my 2 cents. Let me hear yours. Cheers.


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  1. Abeg me I don't like bad guys oh... I like the good boys.

  2. It's not as simple as that. "Bad boys" are not desirable in and of themselves. However, being a bad boy also tends to be associated with more experience with women, therefore they know better how to make themselves desirable, and how to woo/ seduce women better than a guy with less experience. It's that polish that makes them more desirable, not being a bad boy itself. If a "good boy" also had that same level of sophistication in dating, they would be equally desirable.
    Same thing with the "good guys like bad girls". The more romantic experience they have, the more they know how to make themselves attractive to their target demographic.

    1. I couldn't have said it better.

    2. you hit the nail right on the on.


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