Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do you Think You're Ready For Marriage? Answer These Questions

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1) If you believe strongly that you must always have the last say in an argument, you’re not ready for marriage.

2) If you don’t like anyone invading your space, you’re not ready.

3) If you’re a lady, and you don’t cook or don’t like to, your marriage is not likely to be easy or funny.

4) If you always say things exactly how they come to your mind not caring who is hurt, you’re headed for a rocky and ultimately likely to crash marriage.

5) If you believe that you’re who you are and no one can change that, you’re not ready.

6) If you think about others only when you’ve fully sorted yourself out, you’re not ready.

7) If you are so good at holding a grudge and you’ll only let go when you feel like, stay unmarried.

8 If you’re a man and you’re not engaged in ventures or a process in time that can financially take care of your immediate family and beyond, you need to give yourself a few more years to be ready.

9) If you believe that women at best should be good in bed and kitchen affairs only, you’ll end up having a bitter and subdued wife; stay away.

10) If your mind can’t conceive the thought of having a more successful wife, even if it’s temporary, then you have a little growing up to do. Welcome to the real world, stuff happens.

11) If as a man, you’re easily swayed and pressurized to do things against your wish, you’re not ready for marriage.

12) If you have no confidence in your capability and your future, you have no business taking someone else with you.

13) If as a man, you don’t have a mentor or leader you follow, listen or defer to, you’re not going to be able to lead your family.

14) If you can’t have a wedding ceremony within a budget you can personally afford, give yourself more time. Who says you can’t have 20 guests or less at your wedding? Cut your coat according to your cloth and take responsibility. As a man, you can define how small or large you want your wedding ceremony to be and be able to handle it.

15) If you have an anger problem such that you can destroy things when you’re angry, get a therapist to help you through managing it. Otherwise, engage God’s help for the change you seek. With anger issues, you’re disaster waiting to explode.

So are you ready?

Culled from AfricanSweetheart


  1. True check list I must say. No one can be married and single at the same time!

  2. um, 3-6 are debatable but the rest make sense

  3. Interesting list. Number 13 is priceless. A lot of men I know seem to struggle in that area.

  4. There is no debating the fact. It is plain truth! I've got work to do with myself.

  5. Number 3 is so common! Some ladies can be so pathetic, they come up with flimsy excuses. They are like "my mama didn't teach me how to cook" come on don't be ridiculous, did your mama teach you how to bu-zu-zu?

  6. One word. No i'm clearly NOT. *sigh*. Okay make that err 1,2,3,4 words.

  7. Nice tips some points not so sure but over all very nice.

  8. I really love this. i actually shared it on my blog too and i added another number to it. check it out pls.

  9. I love this piece.. I had to do a mental check on myself having being in a relationship...

  10. I recover my strength .........nice nice 1


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