Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Myne - Could You Link Me Up With a Responsible Mature Lady?

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Great work Myne, how are you? Could you link my up with an average height, responsible mature lady through your blog? I was born into a family of six some twenty eight years ago from Ogun state South West Nigeria. I had my primay school at Arowosegbe Primary school at Ketu, Lagos, from 1992-1998, from 1998-2004. I had my High school education at Orishigun High school, Mile 12 Ketu, and then i proceeded to the prestigious university of Lagos for my Bsc in Business administration in 2009. I work with a medium size Manufacturing outfit in Lagos, Nigeria.

I describe my self as guy with more of type A person, however, i am made of more. I like networking, i lead a quiet life as much as possible, as in stay out of trouble. I am easy going, i enjoy and function best in well structure environment as don't like laybacks, laziness, lazybones and gossips. I have passion for the people side of Business ie The Human resources functional units, in this wise I intend to be one of the greatest HR professionals in my sphere.

I constantly update my self as that is the only thing that can ensure excellence. I am ever learning.

First and foremost, i am not looking for a spirit as in a perfectionist, as that only exist in the imagination of some writers.

I am looking for an average built lady of between 23 and 26 years of age, chocolate/fair in complexion, independent and open minded person who has ambition and is ambitious, she must engage in something profitable at present. Not too thin and not too fat, just in between. Must be passionate about the less privilege, passionate about Nigeria and success too. She must hold dear all those value that make and differentiate us as Humans.

She must be lively, someone one I will love to be with at all time. I am not looking for a nagger. She must open minded, she must be a good practicing christian. Her bedmatics skills must be second to none. I am looking for a home maker, organizer and respecter of African values. Multi lingual is welcome, Yoruba, Bini, Efik, Calabar( I hear Calabar Women are amazing)

Thanks Myne. Have a nice day everyone.

Note - Picture is a model, contact myne@mynewhitman.com for pictures and contact details.


  1. hmmm... who could this guy be o? i finished Business Administration 2009 in unilag too

  2. Lol! Contact myne. U could be the lucky lady

  3. You said nothing more than your transition through Arowosegbe to Unilag but you want a woman described in two paragraphs. ok!

  4. See your mouth bedmatics must be second to none thats why you even put Calabar there..I hope you are second to none too?,you dont want a nagger and she must be lively,she must be passionate about the less privileged..you dont like don't like laybacks, laziness, lazybones and gossips,Not too thin and not too fat, just in between,you want a homemaker.. and what are you going to give this specially created person back in return?? youre just average really and you are looking for EXTRAORDINARY!.. what happened to meeting someone and falling in love with their Qualities and Differences?? Yes you should have standards but ensure you are above the standards you expect in your partner.. you said she must also have something profitable at present(I am sort of angry at you using the word must how about she should) what If she is just building her life and has all these qualities..you are asking for..Maybe you should be more open minded and you will find "the Model" you are looking for..

    1. Well Said!
      I am so tired of men that are not up to an inch but request a mile! Smh

  5. I pity the girl who will end up with this one see list chei!

    1. I tell you, such arrogance. She must be this, she must be that, WHAT ARE YOU? people like this are often times a package of imperfections looking for someone to make their lives better.


  6. So he wants her to be a Christian but he also wants her 'bedmatic skills' to be next to none? At 23-26? Where is she supposed to have gathered all this experience from? All these silly men,boy is this case,and their thinking that women are falling over themselves to be theirs and do whatever they desire. But what do they have to offer in return? NADA! Stupid entitlement mentality that many Nigerian men have.

  7. bedmatics ke ? this post made me laugh.. how old are you ? what will you offer this "ideal" woman you've asked for in a relationship with these qualities you've stated ? Oga no be like that oo.

  8. Mtchewwwwwww! She must... She must! Get outta here niccur! @ 23-26years, she MUST have bedmatics skills yet she MUST be a Christian lady!?!?? DaFuQ!! Then after you will start being insecure about how many men she must have slept with to be this skillful! It is peple like you that give Christians a bad name. Gosh i'm so pissed at this!

    You guys think this is small, wait till you liste to the radio and hear Nigerian men read out their list!


    Abeg make una no vex jor i'm just not cool with crap like this.

  9. Myne, I am simply short of words. Hian! He said he is not looking for a spirit with all these requirements? Maybe he is the spirit himself.


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