Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Myne - Articles on RML are One-Sided, Aren't Women Sometimes to Blame in Relationships?

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Hi Myne, I truly love your articles on your blog and i'm a great fan. But I'll like to fault you. You lead the young women aright but most (if not all) of your articles I read are women-focused which I think is one-sided. If I may ask... Don't women cheat on men? Don’t women keep men waiting in terms of making marital decisions?

Just read your post on "When Will a Guy Initiate a Relationship?". Is it just only the guy that delays a relationship? Sometimes don’t you think the guy will open up early enough but the girl will be checking her options as regards other offers from other men before she decides where to settle?

What if a guy proposes to a woman, and she turns it down? Or she accepts the ring and changes her mind months later and returns the ring just because she gets a better offer (or she thinks so). Or maybe she’s just being influenced by richer friends, mother or (and) pastor in her church.

I don’t mind if you publish these questions because I think by RML being more balanced it will also help single women who are gambling to decide on their future husbands because they have options, and most of them tend to choose by sight. Thanks so much.


Response - RML is certainly women-focused, we aim to be progressive towards women-positive content. Sure, women cheat and sometimes fumble in relationships [See top 10 reasons women cheat] but RML believes that those decisions and mistakes are for the woman to own and grow from, rather than for us, or any one else [especially men] concluding women are stupidly "gambling" or choosing "by sight". Here on RML, we try to be less quick to judge.

And some men-focused content;

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