Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Between Honorable Makinde and His New Bride - What's Love Got to Do With It?

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Over a year ago, I asked in a similar post where a young Nigerian man married an older white woman, "Is it impossible for a young man to fall in love and marry an older woman and vice versa?" What we're dealing with today is the vice versa. Can't a young woman fall in love and marry a man who is much older than she is without it being because of ulterior motives?

In the previous post, I go on to add that May-December [where one partner is much older than the other] romances "does happen sometimes. Say the older woman is independent and takes care of herself, and that is what the younger guy needs in his woman. Or an older man is much more mature and has a ecletic knowledge, and that is what the younger woman finds attractive in men.""

So a 23 year old married a 48 year old man, and a lot of people seem to be up in arms. Let's forget that she's a former beauty queen, and he's a well-to-do politician, an honorable in the house of assembly. Oyebanji Oyelami Makinde is asked about her new husband and marriage, and I think she shows a sense of really getting to know her spouse when she responds;

"Marrying him is a dream come true. My joy is unlimited and I am more than fulfilled. I have known him as a very good lover. When I met him, at first I found it difficult to believe he was single as he claimed. I did all I could to verify his claims and as I moved closer to him, I discovered him to be a very responsible, caring and romantic person. I have always prayed to God for marrying a man like him. I have always looked forward to meeting a very nice and responsible man who will not only see himself as my husband, but a friend and a father, which Rotimi stands for. I give God all the glory."

I'm still wondering, should one turn down all they want and need in a man because the person is maybe 20 years older?


  1. Love kini? Do Nigerian women know what love is? She's just lucky to land her Aristo.

    1. you must be a Nigerian man. And we can assume you speak for your mum, sisters, cousins and aunties when you say that Nigerian women do not know what love is.

  2. Don't mind people. There is nothing wrong with marrying a much older man. Some women are matured beyond their years and find themselves better able to relate with an older man. What's wrong with that. The same people that will complain are the ones that will also pray to be like Esther in the bible.


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