Monday, September 9, 2013

Atala and I Featured on MSN Living - Real Husbands: What I Love About My Wife

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Some of you may remember this post, 15 Things I Love About My Nigerian Wife, it is still one of the most appreciated posts on RML. I was contacted by an MSN writer who saw and loved the post and she wanted to connect to Atala and feature him, [and us] on a slideshow she was preparing to acknowledge husbands who appreciate their wives. I tabled it to Atala and he said Yes! LOL...

Check out the slideshow and us at #3 at MSN Living.

Atala - or as he wants to be known, Tola - says what he appreciates most about me is my smarts and sense of adventure :)

“I like how smart Myne is; I always feel I can count on her great suggestions when I'm thinking through a difficult issue. I love that because she's more adventurous than I am, I get to see and do things that I otherwise would not have done.”

I'm so loving him and appreciating his PDA, and I want to pay this forward. I want to give other husbands and wives the opportunity to show and feel their appreciation.

Wife Appreciation Day is on Sept. 22, and I'd love to receive stories from real husbands who want to share with RML what they love most about their wives.

It can be one sentence, a paragrah, or an essay. Photos are not compulsory but will be real awesome. My married and coupled up male readers, I see you guys, and for the wives who know their husbands read this blog, it's time to table it before them. I look forward to reading your mails. Thanks


  1. Kudos! May God keep your love and marriage.

  2. Nice one, I just checked it. Keep flying :)

  3. Blessings and congratulations.
    May your love blossom and grow stronger in each moment and challenge.

    stay blessed you both.

  4. Awww. . .Bless you both Myne!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  5. My favourite couple :)

  6. Awwwww! You are both so lovely! And it's always good to see some PDA between married couples xx

  7. see my pipo !!!

    shebi i told u una be celebs


  8. So, Atala is Yoruba? Wow! Myne must kneel and greet o. You are 'my iyawo.'
    You guys rock anyday, anytime. I am truly inspired by you. God bless and increase you. Amen.


  9. awwww so sweet. congrats again myne.

  10. Wow, You look a lot like siblings....

  11. Why are we conditioned to find someone to complete us when we are already complete? More so, these "what I love about my wife" disclosures, are nothing more than their insecurities sedated and controlled by their wives. Their wives appear to be the keepers of their true masculinity and holds on their fears. Here men are saying "I finally found my Mother"!


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