Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Which Hospital Diagnosed This Woman as "Wombless"?

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Miracles still happen today, and indeed God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes however, we need to ask questions rather than simply swallow every story put out by so-called men of God, or allow service providers continue to get away with everything including murder. A lot of medical diagnosis in Nigeria are either completely unreliable because diagnostic equipment is lacking or the doctor is not adequately trained.

Where there is a birth of a baby to a supossedly "wombless" woman without the birth clinic verifying that the baby was carried outside the womb, the hospital that made the initial diagnosis needs to be reported to authorities so they can be investigated. Without doing this, the cycle of wrong diagnosis and possibly, deaths, at the hands of such quack doctors and hospitals will only continue.

As the news goes, wife of the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria Evangelist (Dr) Nkechi Chinyere, gave birth to a baby girl eight years after the couple got married. The birth is described as miraculous because she was diagnosed to be without a womb six years ago by a hospital she had consulted with earlier in their marriage as she sought reasons for the couple's infertility.

The Church’s Media Director, speaking for the OPM’s general overseer, Apostle (Dr) Chibuzor Chinyere, through the Nation newspaper, said the GO was overjoyed because he and his wife had endured a barrage of insults from his elder sister who had taunted them for their infertility. According to the report,

Two years after marriage without conception, Chinyere recalled his wife became worried, making him to direct his elder sister to accompany her to an undisclosed hospital in Port Harcourt GRA for examination.

She was pronounced without womb and declared incapable of conception, let alone delivery of baby, Chinyere remembered. Armed with the vital information, he said his elder sister resorted to smear his wife’s name, even in the Church, taunting her as a man.

Now, I would think that if one hospital gives such a sensitive diagnosis, the sensible thing to do would be to go for a second opinion. And even a third and a fourth. If this couple have been trying to have children for the past eight years, I doubt they've relied on just that one verdict. And I find it disingenuous that the GO would bring it up now after they've known for long that it was a false diagnosis. As for the sister who taunts her younger brother about his wife's infertility, I shake my head. And this in a so-called church too?


  1. I see/get where you are coming from......

  2. I believe in miracles. However Myne, you have spoken well

  3. Miracles are still happening every second,minute and hour

  4. There is such a thing as an abdominal pregnancy, Myne. Unless the couple or the hospital in Texas give a statement as to the validity of the initial diagnosis, we will never know what happened here.

  5. The sisters who talked poorly about this woman and soillied her name should be made to appologize to the church for their evil ways.

  6. Myne your last paragraph says it all.

  7. I completely agree with you as I know where you are coming from. If the initial diagnosis was wrong, we can say that indeed the child was a miracle as the couple had waited for so long but we cannot say there was a miracle of "conception without a womb".
    And if the hospital in texas ascertained that she indeed has a womb, then they should bring that hospital in Nigeria to book for false diagnosis. The more people are held accountable for their actions in Nigeria, the better.

  8. Or the miracle could be that she got a new womb. There's no way she could have known when it happened. It doesn't necessarily mean the first hospital was wrong.

    1. If the first hospital was right, then there should be scan results and such things. Nobody is saying miracles don't happen but the way miracles are sensationalized in Nigeria makes it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  9. Advertising dear Myne. Of course no hospital or scan shall be mentioned.

  10. There is nothing Doctor JESUS cannot do, he is d alpha and omega, d beginning. And d end... Is a great miracle, she is not d first to give birth witout a womb, the testimonies of many like hear have happen in opm. JESUS is really in action.

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