Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When The Husband Gets To Choose The Wedding Color Theme - Expect the Unexpected

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It is usually the bride who takes charge of most aspects of the wedding day, especially the color theme. Men who are interested pick up the logistics aspect. But sometimes, even men have their favorite colors and want to see it reflected on their wedding day.

That was exactly what happened with John Jones from South Wales and his wife Kelly Williams, as she and her family and friends planned their wedding. John, a carpenter, loves black and yellow which is the brand color of his favorite tools, so he suggested to his wife to allow them use black and yellow for their wedding theme, and she agreed.

There's really nothing wrong with using the color black for weddings, and combined with yellow, the colors are actually unique and can make the wedding party stand out!

What is also really interesting is their yellow and black wedding cake. The cake has miniatures of the groom in his black and yellow carpenter's uniform and the bride in white. Talk about showcasing your personality on your wedding day, which is as it should be.

Happy Married life to the couple!

H/T - Mail Online


  1. I don't mind their colors, it's unique, but the cake is funny :)

  2. At least he was interested in the planning process. It's cute

  3. This is my lovely daughter and her wonderful husband. The facts are wrong in this story. They got married in July 2011. That's 2011....two years ago. Kelly and john chose the colour scheme together. The dress was always going to be white, never was it considered that it could be yellow or black or even black & yellow. If you would like a factual story, and permission to use photographs, could you please contact Kelly and john? They do have an interesting story....but this that you have here, is not it!


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