Friday, August 30, 2013

What Do You Think of White Gowns For the Bridesmaids Too?

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When preparing to attend the wedding as a guest, one of the general rules one bears in mind is to stay away from white dresses, unless it is specifically asked by the bride and groom. Tina Turner, being an inconventional bride [see pictures] asked all her female guests to wear white.

But usually, neither the female wedding guest, and especially the bridesmaids are allowed to wear white. It is thought that when they do so, people may become confused about who the real bride is, or they're trying to outshine the bride who should stand out in white on her day.

But what of when the bride is unconventional like Tina Turner who wore a green and black gown? Or what of when the bride is actually the one that wants her bridesmaids to wear white with her, like in the picture above? Does it work?

What do you think, if you're not yet married, would you try it?

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  1. The one in the picture looks ok but I'm not a big fan. I want to be the only one in white at my wedding.

  2. Only d bride abeg. Though dat one up there aint lookin bad bc dey're short unlike d bride's long gown

  3. I have worn ivory and silver respectively as chief bridesmaid and my fair share of dagger looks from the guests. No be me choose color o!!!
    The above pix looks great though. The distinct style makes a lovely difference.


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