Wednesday, August 28, 2013

@StellaMagazine - Omotola Deserves a Better Title for her Cover Story

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According to this Stella title, they believe @realomosexy is a complete unknown to their readers. And it seems, not only have they never heard of Omotola, Stella doesn't believe they'll care to hear more. That's probably why I couldn't find the original cover or the story uploaded by magazine online. And I find that appalling.

So while some Genevieve Vs Omotola fans wrangle about who's a better actress or who has the bigger publicity machinery, I want to call out the international press and the actresses's PR teams.

When next the PR people want to buy space in these foreign magazines and newspapers, or are asked to contribute to a story on their client, please bring your bargaining caps to the table. And don't get me wrong, it is great that our stars are recognized internationally, and I congratulate Omotola and her team.

But come on. StellaMagazine has a Facebook Page, a Twitter Profile, and they post pictures on these social media accounts at least every other day. In fact, their current Twitter profile background is of another Stella cover. So why haven't they posted Omotola's cover on their profile, even the cover story is missing anywhere online.

Again, Omotola was just named among the Times 100 most influential people in the world. Times is an international magazine and I'm sure many British people read it. Such a header is almost demeaning. Stella is read by millions of people, is that title suggesting that they've all never heard of Omotola? Yes, Queen of Nollywood sounds nice and all, but "biggest film star you've never heard of"? If they assume their readers have heard of Nollywood, then I think they've heard of Omotola also.

But to be honest, I could not find Omotola's name anywhere on the Telegraph website. Could this be is the very first Omotola feature in the entire publication, ever? If so, one may count it as a truimph that she got on a cover, even if it was a pull-out cover.

But why is the cover story not online?


  1. I agree with you. More needs to go into a PR.

  2. U need to check the tweets of stellamagazine before u rant sha..

    1. Can you point to any tweet in particular? Yes they retweeted Omotola's post of the cover, but that's it.

  3. I don't like the photo and head-do. It does not show how pretty she really is. In fact, she looks big here.

    On popularity, Nigerians seem to big-up their own stars too much. Nigerian Stars even announce their new laptops and cars but not in the UK. The truth is that most British people do not know who she is because they don't watch Nollywood films.

    The publicity she got was just by luck. Has D`banj gotten that far? Yet he is more popular than her here via music.

    *Sorry for the error in the earlier comment.


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