Friday, August 16, 2013

Family Time - Peter Okoye of PSquare Shows Off His Son and Daughter

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Cameron, Fiona and Peter Okoye

I think Peter Okoye of PSquare reads this blog. I've called him out for being quite the domestic man, and and he shows with these pictures that it's a consistent thing and not one off. Peter who recently proposed to his long-term partner and mother of his two children, showed off his baby daughter, named Fiona, as he played racing cars with his son, Cameron. He subtitled them, Family Times, let's ride :)


  1. Cameron is so cute, and the new baby looks to be similar too. But I do hear things about Peter...

  2. This is amazing. Didn't even know he had a daughter too. I am so jealous.

    Myne pls help me tell Paul, that I have a ten yr crush on him! Its been the duo all along but considering Peter is taken and gone, I still have a 50% chance at making my dreams come true.

    Is Paul the one with dreds? I think his dreds are cute- even though I like men with little or no head hair.

    By brief introduction, I am a health professional that resides in Nigeria although I once lived near Amawbia his home villa (does that count?!) Ok. We are from the same state and I think I am very industrious. I am willing to abandon my practice and tour the globe with him, caring for him and treating him like a king as he makes my adventurous dreams come true.

    He doesn't have to propose with a RR again; any decent and current Honda would do the same magic! I love Honda so much but I love P Square more!

    Myne if you do this for me, I will never forget you and I really hope he reads this blog.
    I typed this message at the rate of 183 wpm and my current heart rate is 121 beats per minute -that is on the upper side of normal. Yea, normal.

    Ok. I'm done.


    1. Hahaha...this lady you've just made my day. Laughing so much! I for help you beg Myne bute ven Paul has 2 baby mamas so they're both taken. Hhahaha


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