Monday, August 5, 2013

Oprah With Big Afro Talks About Hair in New O Magazine

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Oprah is known to have long healthy hair, but her hair is rarely seen without being straightened. Last August for the first time, Oprah showed off her natural curls on the cover of O magazine. She has done it again this August and inside the magazine this time will be a hair extravaganza - how to grow it, blow it, awesomely 'fro it, boost the bounce, beat the frizz, handle the grey, etc.

When she debuted her curls last year, Oprah, reportedly said her hair was now all natural, as she had stopped applying chemical straighteners to her hair all together.

She said she had considered doing the big chop, but just couldn't cut off her long hair, and also felt she didn't have the head shape for it. So instead of a tiny afro, started to groom her big Afro.

Her team said of the August 2102 cover, “For the first time ever, Oprah’s appearing on the cover of O without blow-drying or straightening her hair. She says that wearing her hair naturally — as she often does on weekends and on vacation — makes her feel unencumbered.”

Oprah in 2012

There's no news yet whether this new August 2013 cover, below, shows Oprah's current natural afro, a blow-dried one, photoshop, or a wig, but whichever it is, we at RML have to say we love her look on the O cover.

With that afro, Oprah could give the woman with the biggest afro in the world a good run for that title.

Oprah in 2013

UPDATE - Oprah's Afro on the cover is a wig!

Of the 3.5-pound wig, she says, “I wish I could say it was all mine. In fact, though, it’s borrowed. And it feels like carrying around an extra head.”

“My own hair is shorter, not quite so spherical, and a lot lighter. But that doesn’t mean it never gives me grief. When it comes to hair, I’m in the same boat as most every other woman,” admits Winfrey in the magazine, which tackles a series of hair-related issues.

The media mogul further notes, “The way we feel about our hair is universal: We love it when it looks great, we can’t stand it when it looks not so great, and we all want it to tell the world something about us.”

While Winfrey says she used to be “particular” about her hair, nowadays, “as is the case in many other areas of my life, I’ve relaxed. No more bad hair days — just days when I might need a headband.”

And even though she enjoyed “hanging out with Wild Thang,” which is what she called the giant wig, Winfrey tells O, “I know for sure that your true crowning glory comes not from what’s on your head but from what’s in your heart.”

What do you think of Oprah’s look?

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