Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mr and Mrs Nnaji - Genevieve With Mystery Man at Traditional Wedding

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This mystery guy uploaded a picture he took with the actress and tagged it #Genevieve #ForeverBeautiful #FeelingLikeAStar #Beauty&TheBeast. "Mr and Mrs Nnaji" was her comment on the picture. His reply will get you laughing. And in typical blogger speak, see it after the cut.

He wrote - "Yes! She said Yes! #WaitOh #WhyAmITheOneChangingLastName"


When it's the weekend and you have some time on your hands, or you're a blogger following celebrities on Instagram, it can be some fun.

Well, here are more pictures from Ukay Onwugbenu's traditional wedding, [see the first set here] and the guy with Genevieve in the picture is an Onwugbenu brother - a very eligible bachelor indeed :)

The new couple

Genevieve and friend, Vicky

The Onwugbenu siblings

More pictures


  1. LOL...its cool to see celebs like this. I may soon join Instagram.

  2. I dnt bliv this, woow, Genny you have brkn my heart!

  3. Lol. Lovely pix.

  4. How is he a "mystery man" if he's identified right there in the article? *sighhhhhhh*

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