Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love Letters To My Woman 3 - Iweka Kingsley

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Dear You,

This is how it starts, lightening strikes the heart, sparks a flame, and then it begins to shine brighter than the sun. I have seen heaven, and it is in your eyes. When you blink I see flashes of lightening, colorless, but beautiful in every way.

I imagine watching you open your eyes to a brand new day is like watching angels gathering at sunrise on a beach. I hear melodies of a choir singing with voices that ring through eternity, voices like silk, Jerusalem bells ringing. This is the definition of beauty - you.

As we begin this walk together, this much I know to be true, that only the journey is written, not the destination. But I make you this promise, I will make every step of the way pleasant and joyous, filled with much laughter and honesty. Together we will ascend the highest realms of love and touch heavens purest light. I will love and respect you, protect and provide for you, give you peace always.

There is a certain intensity of passion that defines and drives me, I will direct such to you lavishly and wholly.

Again, I say to you: think of love as a state of grace, not a means to anything, but the alpha and omega, an end in itself.

I am always with you...find me in the sunlight, and in the moonlight...and when it rains, find me in the clouds, in the drops of the rainbow, a remembrance of a promise.

For the first time in my life, I am...I dare not add an adjective. I am is just enough.

Iweka Kingsley is the Author of DAPPLED THINGS, a fiction novella hitting Nigerian bookstores in September. Follow him on Twitter @IwekaKingsley


  1. I think I'm in love.

  2. Iweka, Iweka, Iweka, how many times did I call you?


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