Saturday, August 24, 2013

Isioma Ovia and Ola Olowu's Proposal Story and Mad Men Inspired Engagement Photoshoot

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Isioma Ovia and Ola Olowu met in Lagos over seven years ago, and became engaged early last year on Isi's birthday celebration. The couple are both creatives, and as fans of the Mad Men TV series, they made it theme of the engagement photoshoot. Find out more about Isioma Ovia (yes, she is Jim Ovia's daughter) and Olly and enjoy their stories and pictures below. The couple are getting married today in London. All the best to them.

ABOUT ISI - I am banker by day and a writer by night, but when not juggling these dual identities, I will read anything with words, phrases, and sentences. Yes, I confess, my late nights are spent thumbing through the already worn out pages of Charlotte and Emily Bronte and Arthur Conan Doyle classics.

ABOUT OLLY - Living in Lagos got a lot more interesting when Oni introduced me to Isi over seven years ago. Outside of my work as an Ad man and when I'm not spending time with my future wife, I enjoy exploring my passion for art whilst drinking numerous cups of Green tea and working on my novel.


ISI - It was my 28th birthday and I was just looking forward to a quiet dinner at the Wheatbaker with Ola. He was behaving strangely and I almost wanted to tell him to forget the whole dinner. Then when the waitress lifted the cover for my "meal" I was greeted with a plate filled with nothing but a small dark grey box. After he got down on one knee and the clapping from fellow dinning patrons had died down, I was still unable to speak. Fighting back the tears that threatened to flood my face and the knee jerk reaction of giving him my tightest bear hug, I finally said "Yes".

OLLY - For a second I thought she was not going to say "Yes". I then thought of the cake we had already prepared that had been iced to perfection reading "Isi Said Yes". As I waited for her response, I seriously contemplated telling the waitress to quickly wipe away the "Said" and "Yes" from cake. It was a fun surprise and I'm just glad I was able to make her day special.



  1. Wow, I love this! Love in Lagos? I just assumed they were based abroad. Isorait, I sha will find ma own.

  2. Love this! And love that they are both writers!

  3. Luvly,wish them HML.

  4. Awww...! I absolutely love this! I know i definitely will find mine *fingers crossed*

  5. my eye dey shook o... sighs**


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