Saturday, August 31, 2013

#illNeverDateAPersonWho - What Is Your Number One Relationship Deal Breaker?

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Love me, love my dog? Many of us know what we want in those we date, and when those things are missing, we'll either run far away from the potential suitor or relegate them to the friendzone like in the picture. Those on twitter decided to weigh in on the issue and there are many gems. Cheating is high on the list, breaking promises, sharing the same likes and dislikes, looks, etc. What is yours?


  1. Cheating is high on my list too. And the person has to understand that I love me ma girlfriends.

  2. I despise liars. Lies lead to a host of problems within the relationship. Since I am of belief that no relationship is perfect but many are worth it, I believe any and everything can be worked out except deception. So yes lying is an infinite problem.

  3. Honesty is also number one for me, if I can't trust you, what's the need?


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