Friday, August 16, 2013

If Disney Princesses Had Instagram, I'd Surely Be Following Them

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OK, maybe not all of them. Snow_white with her #nofilter #selfies can stay to one side. But Belle for sure, I want to see the cover of all those books, and know how her romance with the Beast turned out. All the others would also make interesting characters for sure, especially if like me, you've seen these Disney princess movies more than you're willing to admit :)

By the way, she might not be a princess but I love me Esmeralda. Who's your favorite?


  1. oh.. so lovely, merida my BRAVE lil princess

  2. Oh my! I love them all, I can totally relate to Mulan but at the same time wanted to be Hot like Esmeralda the gypsy princess

  3. OMG, this is nice, I am fan of Disney cartoons too, and now watching it all over agin with my little daughter, lol...


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