Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Love This Woman! Kanye Reveals How Kim Kardashian and North West are his Joy

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Kanye West recorded an appearance on Kim Kardashian's mom's TV show, the Kris Jenner’s show, earlier this week. The episode which airs tomorrow has Kanye talking about Kim Kardashian, his daughter North West, the hurt he felt when his mother passed away and how he thought he had nothing to live for until now. According to clips from the taping, he said;

I can have people saying this is going to damage your credibility as an artist or a designer, and I say I don’t care, I love this woman. When the paparazzi surround you — people know you don’t like paparazzi [and they say,] ‘Why would you be with this person?’ I’m being with this person because I love this person, and she’s worth it to me. My grandfather just passed and his whole thing, it was never about money. It was never about popularity. His whole thing was joy and having joy in his life. She’s my joy and she brought my new joy into the world. There’s no paparazzi and there’s no blog comment that’s going to take that joy from me.

Awwww...that's so sweet! Check out the video.


  1. I can imagine how Kim felt when she watched this.

  2. I am not a spoilsport but was he expected to say anything contrary knowing he's being interviewed by his baby mama's mother.

  3. If not for the fact that I am very cynical about this entire family and all their add-ons (Kanye inclusive) I'd say this was genuine and sweet. Maybe it is. But it is sad when your integrity takes such a hit that everything you say and/or do seems staged or contrived. Annnyhooooo.....

  4. Kanye is a straight shooter so I think he's been honest. Who remembers that "imma let you finish" palava with Taylor Swift?


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