Friday, August 16, 2013

Having the Help of Your Mother After Delivering Your Baby

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In Nigeria, it's called Omugwo in Igbo, and is such a part of our culture that not many people even think of not inviting either their mother or their mother-in-law to stay with them after they newly have their baby. The new grandma helps to take care of the baby, teach the new mom about taking care of the baby, and generally help to keep the home going.

In fact, I'm sure most people have seen the Nollywood comedy that is a riff of this tradition, when Nkem Owoh, whose character is a husband with a new grandchild, decided to go for omugwo instead of his wife. He gets to his daughter's house, and instead of helping, he becomes a burden.

In some instances, the new grandma is already waiting in the home before the baby is born, like in my cousin's case, or she arrives soon after. In fewer instances, depending on the circumstances of the couple, the new mom and baby move over to her mother's or the husband's mother's house.

The news is that's what Kate Middleton is doing, staying with her parents following the birth of her son Prince George. Her husband Prince William returned to work as an RAF helicopter pilot last week, and Kate is said to be greatly appreciating her mother Carole Middleton's help.

In fact, it has been claimed the duchess is considering staying at her family's home for six months. William is believed to have one month left of working in Wales, and could then relocate to Suffolk or London, and Kate feels so safe and secure with her family, and they want George's first six months to be as stable as possible.

Also, Kate's mother Carole is proving to be a calming influence around her new grandson, and has so mastered the art of putting him to sleep at night that they are calling her 'the baby-whisperer'.

Who else had the help of their mother after they delivered their baby?


  1. When my first was born, he's three now, my mother moved in with us for six months. We had agreed with her and my dad before the birth, and to say that it was helpful would be an understatement. I had a really difficult time nursing and had no clue what to expect. Her patience and understanding proved invaluable! She made most of our meals and I tell you, ain't nothing like mom’s home cooking!

    When I had second (and last!) last year, I had pretty much figured things out. All I needed to do for feedings, sleep schedule, doctor's appointment, etc. My mother only came when the baby was already 3months for just a few weeks!

  2. I need to see that movie!

  3. my mum is late, so I had my aunt's help for about a month. My mother in law couldn't come


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