Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grieving Husband, 96, Writes Song for His Late Wife - They Were Together 75 Years

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If you don't like crying or have no heart for love or romance, this video and story may not be for you. The video is a short documentary about Fred Stoubaugh, 96, who lost his wife Lorraine earlier this year. They had been married just short of 73 years, but had been together for 75 years - dated two years before marriage.

While mourning his late wife, a song came to Fred and he couldn't stop humming and singing it. Soon after that, he read about a songwriting contest in the newspaper and decided to write a letter to the organizers with the lyrics to his song, "Sweet Lorraine".

Jacob Colgan was the one who received the letter at the studio and he was touched. Because the rules of the contest was for aspiring songwriters to upload their songs to Youtube, Fred's entry was disqualified. But the producers had something better in mind. They called Fred and asked to record his song professionally, all for free. Check out the details in the video. Warning, you'll likely cry so I hope you have waterproof mascara on:)

I can only say congrats to Fred. This is such a touching and beautiful song. I also say well done to the Green Shoe Studio for bringing the music to life. Music truly does touch a lot of people and when the story is as great as this, it does good to the soul.


  1. Wow! 75 years! That's like two lifetimes together. I have always admired a couple two houses away from mine. From their total grey hairs, I don't think either of them could be less than 70 years old. You'll always see them together, taking walks or even sometimes the old man driving, with his wife right by his side. The sight always makes me smile and say to myself, "Now that's how I want my wife and I to be someday". Now I've always assumed these guys would probably have been together for between 40 and 50 years and I would be like ' Wow! That's long!' But now, to talk of 75 years together! That's amazing! My heart goes out to Fred and I just can understand how he would feel, losing someone he practically spent his whole life with. In fact, I won't be too surprised if he goes to join her soon. I guess I've also found my new model couple. Rest in peace, Lorraine!

  2. Wow, Myne this story have me in tears. It has touched the core of my heart! How can anyone live after a part of you have died? Unimaginable! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. OMG, you warned me but it still took me by surprise. When long life meets love, it is beautiful. May God keep Fred.

  4. awwwwwwwwwwww sent chills to my sweet. Lorraine was a beauty and Fred was handsome in his yester years. I wish for this kind of long lasting marriage too.

  5. This is simply so touching.


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