Friday, August 2, 2013

Exclusive - Natasha Says She Didn't Use A Sex Toy In Big Brother

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Former Big Brother Africa Housemate, Natasha, who was evicted from the game a couple of weeks ago, has responded to my question about whether she used a sex toy under Big Brother's watchful eyes in the house. According to the comment she left exclusively on my blog yesterday [here], she did not use a sex toy, it was all a joke to be blamed on her dirty mouth.
According to her, the show's producers wouldn't even have allowed the contestants to bring such appliances into the house, not because of being prudish, but because they would need to be amplified. I don't know if that makes sense. In her own words;

ooops me and my dirty mouth..i never used a sex was a joke...
the thing am seen holding in my hands is not a sex toy at was just a microphone transmiter take a very good look...ask the big brother crew..we were not allow to enter the house with any machines that would have needed to be amplified.....
please follow my new page or my face book account is natasha annie tonthola Fatty-nat.

thank u
Below are some pictures from her newly launched pages. According to them, she is already utilizing her BBA fame for good as she recently visited some children living with HIV in Lilongwe, Malawi.

I hope to interview Natasha soon, so if you have any further questions, please drop them in the comments.


  1. Is that a toothpick in her mouth in that last picture? SMH.

  2. That first picture!! Why use false nails on just one hand.
    That her response on your blog post = incoherent

  3. The girl is razz biko. Her english sef no follow- make she go back school after utilising this fame and making some good money outta it.
    Not beefing babe, just made a prophesy that your 10min fame will make you a success. Now, develop yourself- you need some (a lot actually) grooming.

  4. It was a sugar shell, filled with some kind of magical whipped cream with an additional sphere of white chocolate inside and berry sauce. As a garnish, a sprinkling of 24 karat gold! it was fantastic


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