Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Emmy Collins Responds To Noble Igwe - Publicity Stunt or Real Beef?

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And they say men don't do cat-fights. Or was it really a fight, albeit on twitter? Somedays ago, Noble Igwe, chief editor of the 360nobs blog got into a tweet fight with fellow blogger, Emmy Collins, whose first calling is fashion designer. I honestly don't know the genesis of the beef, except it seemed that Noble was vexing with Emmy's style of Fashion Police, which includes calling people out on their weight and skin tone.

At the end of his twitter rant, Noble threw down a challenge to Emmy Collins;

I've read one or two posts of Emmy Collins and shared the same opinion, though not enough to call him a failed designer like Noble did. I didn't know the guy beyond his blog, certainly nothing about his clothes, but Noble obviously does. That first picture above is of Noble wearing an Emmy Collins shirt. Below is another picture of Noble in another Emmy Collins shirt, both pictures were shared by Emmy Collins.

So this is why I think the whole twitter war was a publicity stunt hatched by both men. While Emmy Collins didn't tweet much in response to Noble, he dedicated a post to the feud, detailing their association, Noble's love for his shirts, and more importantly, mentioning more than three times where potential customers can buy his apparel, especially the address of a new retailer opening soon in Lagos.



  1. Haven't read the post on his blog yet, but judging from what you said, DEFINITELY a publicity stunt!

  2. The shirts look good if I may say so.Collins needs to rebrand and probably get Noble Igwe to model the shirts for him

  3. C'mon don't be daft.

    This aint no publicity stunt. Two grown men throw embarrassing allegations at each other and you call that a publicity stunt?? Please, go and read noble's tweets and emmy collin's response again.

    Emmy had to share the details of his stockists because he's been accused of not designing clothes cos his brand at failed. So he put the details out there for people to know that he is still making and selling shirts and he has clients.

    1. you can be polite while passing across your points. What's with calling someone daft???????? Are you okay?

  4. This is definitely not a publicity stunt. Think about it, E.C basically bullsh*tted N.I publicly meaning N.I did not gain from this at all. In fact he was humiliated. N.I asked E.C to name Naija celebs that wear his clothes which he claimed that not one did, only for E.C to not only dig up pictures of N.I wearing the clothes, but also say that he didn't pay for them. That is serious embarrassment. There's no way this could be a publicity stunt.

  5. Definitely not a publicity stunt. After i first heard about it i had to go read both their timelines.
    I can't be bothered to read the rebuttal by Emmy because he really can't write and i don't need the headache.
    Truth is however that Emmy is a failed designer. Fact. He should have put up more pictures of other people rocking his designs. He's one of those people that only his friends wear his designs. he has zero, i mean zero visiblility. That is why he has resorted to using his blog to throw cheap shots at other people.
    It is sad because i actually used to like his designs and maybe if he had stuck to his trade and stayed on his fashion hustle he would not have sullied himself in the eyes of many people by this petty "blogger" he has become.
    I'm glad Noble called him out. Someone had to do it.


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