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A Glimpse into the Life of a Naija Military Wife @msetipenny

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Our featured couple will prefer to be known by their instagram handles. @msetipenny first met @buffalo__soulja who is a naval officer on Twitter and then brought their romance offline 6 months later. They got married earlier this year and today RML gets you a glimpse into the married life of a beautiful wife and young Nigerian man in the military. We spoke to @msetipenny, enjoy...

How did you meet your husband?

The first communication I had with my husband was on Twitter a popular social site, but we met at an airport 6 months after

How long was it from when you first met till he proposed?

11 months.

How did your husband propose?

Wow I'll never forget that evening. He came to my office and told me to stop by his place after work because he was hosting a little in house party for few of his friends. .. little did I know that would be our engagement party.

During the party, all his friends formed a circle around me and went on their knees. I was amused at the time,then he walked into the circle, led me out of it and went down on one knee with the ring and the casing in his hand. ..As they say the rest is history. Haha

What made you fall in love with him and say yes?

First off, he was different from other guys I had met. He was also decent,futuristic,charming,very caring And he had a great sense of humour. Good looking too :)

What is one change you've made for your spouse?

Being married to a military man is not easy. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. I would say my mode of interaction with people has been affected a great deal because now I represent him so I always have to carry myself in a particular way.

What was your last fight about?

Erm it was about him leaving me at home to hangout with his fellow officers. this was very painful cos I get to see him only 2 days in a week right so I expect him to be with me 100%. He could always hangout with his boys afterwards. You know, when I leave.

Which do you fight over more - money or chores?

Haha neither of the two. We hardly have any issues relating to the above. He is very homely so he helps me with chores when he can.

What was your perfect date night?

My perfect night with him would be one spent in the house though. I am the type that loves to cuddle up and just talk. Or have my man sit in the kitchen with me while I cook! And this happens often

But about dates, there was one that stood out. We did chinese one evening all dressed up and planned. We were in Ghana so the boredom of familiarity didn't affect me as it might have if we were in Nigeria where am used to. The air was different, the mood was right. He was at his best to impress me. .. and he did!

When was the last time you went out on a dress-up date?

That should be last weekend

What do you think is the “key” to a successful relationship?

I'd say honesty and patience born out of understanding and a host of others which can be summed up in Love. The key is Love. If you 2 truly love each other, things would always be great!
Although there may be few hitches along the line but true love conquers all.

Don't forget God is love..... so in essence what's my answer to this question? GOD!

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  1. I love couples who marry young, this is so lovely. HML to you.

  2. She's a pretty lady. May their love continue to grow with them.

  3. Beautiful couple, all the best in your marriage!

  4. They look so good together
    Best wishes!


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