Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Face to Corruption - A Nigerian Police Officer Haggles For Bribe

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The stories of police demanding and collecting bribes from motorists are as rampant as they are unsubstantiated. It was one of the reasons the police IG took check posts off the roads. but some remain in the guise of enforcing traffic laws. Today, one of such stories has hard evidence, and will reach thousands of people thanks to the internet.

In a video published by anitagreg1 on Youtube, a victim of extortion, commonly referred to as bribes in Nigeria, manages to record the voice and face of the criminal policeman as he haggles with him over the price to pay. When one watches the video to the end, the policeman is seen making a call to his colleagues to tell their boss the victim had refused to pay a good price and to book him officially. This shows how high the corruption goes.

Let's see how the police will respond to this.

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  1. You will soon hear the kind serious lie the police PRO will tell now about it not being an officer of the NPF but an impersonator trying to tarnish the pristine image of the NPF. Such a shame . Shior!!!! Nice one tho, to the guy that made the video.


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