Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yvonne Nelson Keeps Talking Iyanya, Maybe She Should Stop?

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In this no-hold-barred edition of the Juice, Yvonne Nelson continues to discuss her past relationship/breakup with Iyanya, telling Toolz about his infidelity, how she turned up at Iyanya’s birthday to celebrate with her boyfriend, only to be greeted by several other competitors from South Africa, London, Bostwana, Ethiopia, USA and other parts of the world. And people still contact her to reveal more of his indiscretions.

I think one heartfelt interview was enough for us to get the message. But I guess many people want to hear as much details as she can dish, and the interviewers must love her for being so honest and talking about relationships. She mentioned how a lot of African celebrities are very scared of going public with their love interests, and some use that tactic to deceive others.

What do you think? Should she continue to name and shame, or stop?


  1. I am getting tired of this Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson's story. Can they please keep us out of their failed romance? She said Iyanya cheated on her while Iyanya says she also cheated on him with some Nigerian politician/bizmen and he has pictures and other evidences.
    Please e don do. I don't want to hear again


  2. I think they still like each other!!

  3. I tink their's still a form of attraction btw dem

  4. Please let this not be another rihanna/chris brown saga. Enough already!

  5. A woman of her fame having to compete with a bunch of other women for a man's affection is kinda something I would keep to myself, because I want to keep my pride intact. Men tend to treat you how other men have treated you in the past, so when they hear that a newcomer wasn't even wowed enough by your fame and beauty to remain faithful in the early stages of a relationship they will likely see her as a low-valued mate. On top of that, doing the rounds with interviews about a failed relationship that was not even long to begin with, and did not include an engagement or marriage is silly. Yvonne is not matured in this area of her life; she may be beautiful, famous and rich, but she lacks relationship maturity and that is likely why they all blow up on her soon after they have begun.

    Women must know what to disclose and what to keep to themself especilly when they are trying to land a life partner, as she is.

    1. you are damn too right....
      rule number 1. know what to reveal and what not too

  6. There is still room for improvement ... Mk she try harder next time.

  7. Well... Toolz did ask her. She didn't just sit on the chair and go "oh, so on Iyanya!"

    The lady was obviously hurt and probably still is. And I guess from her keeks you can tell she's an open person. To each his own, the same rules don't apply to everyone

  8. Stop! In the name of the dignity and intergrity of Womanhood!!


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