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The Nigerian Traditional Wedding Bride Price List

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I saw a post someone shared on Facebook about lists for traditional weddings, specifically Mgbidi in Imo state and it got me thinking about my own wedding and such lists in eneral. Ogabido Hyginus complained that the demands his brother got from the family of his girlfriend were a bit on the high side.

I think it's not more than usual, or maybe it's because mine wasn't too different so I'm spoiled. I pointed out to someone that they're even asking for N200 for some items, and the largest money amount is N5000. Of course they replied that when you factor in what the non-monetary items cost, the price will rise up dramatically.

Check out the Mgbidi list the Ogabido family received, and tell us how it compares to yours or the ones you're friends had been given. Should we keep the traditional wedding with its attendant list, or ditch it :)

1. 3 cartons of star beer
2. 2 cartons of Hi-malt
3. 2 gallons of up wine
4. 4 gallons of tombo wine
5. 1 carton of small stout
6. 1 bottle of seamans royal

1. 5 cartons of beer : 3 gulder & 2 cartons of star
2. 5 crates of Hi-malt
3. 1 carton of small stout
4. 2 gallons of up wine
5. 8 gallons of tombo wine
6. 2 bottle of seamans royal
7. 4 packets of cigarette(benson&dorchester)
8. 2 bottle of sunff
9. N800.00 for tobacco leave
10. N5,000.00 Esisite
11. Ego Nnadi N500.00
12. Ego lhuonu N400.00
13. Ego Okenye N200.00
14. 4 cola & 4 alligator peper
15. A set of chieftaincy &staff.

1. 5 cartons of gulder beer
2. 5 cartons of star beer
3. 2 cartons of small stout
4. 8 cartons of Hi-malt
5. 4 gallons of up wine
6. 16 gallons of tombo wine
7. 8 packet of cigg benson/ dorchester
8. 4 bottles of snuff
9. N1,600.00 for tobacco leave
10. 16 fat yams
11. 1 gaint goat
12. Ego Nnadi N500.00
13. Goat buyers N400.00
14. Ego company N500.00
15. Elder man N200.00
16. Young boys N1, 000.00
17 2 bottle of seamans royal
18. 8 colanuts
19. 8 pepper.

1. Holland's & big george, blouse (lace), fine shoe,
handbag neckles, ear-ring, head-tie &morining-
rose powder.
2. bag of rice, 4 lengths of stock fish &one bag of
3. 20 liters of kerosene & 10 liters of red oil & 10
liter of groundnut oil 20 bar soap hf carton of lux
4. stainless basin & N5000
5. 1 carton of maltina.

1. Opening of our book N400
2. The elder's right N500
3. The main money N4,000
4. 2 cartons of maltina
5. 20 bars of soap original
6. 2 bags of salt
7. halt carton of lux
8. two tins of powder.

1. Opening of book N200
2. Elders money N2,000
3.1 bag of salt
4. 2 cartons of lux
5. 4 creates of can malt
6. cassh of N20,000
7. Sec.s money N500


  1. Typical of an Igbo list, lol! Mine was longer...
    But again it all depends on the girl and the family (I had a talk with mine), it is very negotiable. I always had the feeling that it makes it look like the ladies are up for sale. Trusting God for a change!

    1. You be the change agent and not God.

  2. LOL! I think it seems fair enough. My people are asking for 21 tubers of yam and 3 goats, I think; in addition to the materials, drinks, kolanut, etc.

    I personally think it's funny.

  3. My people dont have traditional weddings so I find this interesting. Looks like a lot of work, Can I just give them the equivalent in money and have them buy all this stuff

    1. Yes, you can pay money for most of the other items too, except a few like the bottles of gin or a few yam tubers.

    2. You can pay money for everything. You don't have to have gin and yam.

  4. I'm from Imo state too and our own list is even worse than this.

  5. I find this so funny, don't know why.

    1. You don't understand tradition so you will find it funny.

  6. LOL, I was telling a friend of mine that i am a "discount Igbo bride" because whomever marries me won't have to worry about all of this...unless they wanna. Who am I to say no lol.

  7. How can you call it a "Nigerian" traditional wedding list? The yoruba woman's list is not like this.

    1. The article specifically says the list is from Imo state and Mgbidi in particular.

    2. But the heading of the post says "The Nigerian Traditional Wedding Bride Price List"

    3. You're right, and that is the topic of discussion. However, the list in the article is an Imo State example of such lists.

  8. Myne , I get where anon is coming from....thought I was going to see lists from other tribes not just Igbo.

    Anyway this list comes in handy. I was asked the contents of our list just yesterday and I just had a general idea - forgetting the Umu ada/ogbo things. Sigh.
    My mom never asks for anything for herself...4daughters counting. Just care for my daughter. Bless her!!

  9. It all depends on the village,am from Imo state and my list wasn't even half of the above and I mean not even half! Depends on the family

  10. Yoruba people have their lists too o! Eru Iyawo! Sometimes, even more than the Igbo lists, depending on the girl's family. They may return the 'bride price' but the others are kept. They include: tubers of yam, alligator pepper, honey, salt, suitcases, kolanuts, bitter cola, drinks etc. And yes, ALL bought by the groom's family. I know in my family, you have to collect the list for Eru Iyawo from the elders.

    1. I have seen a lot of yoruba lists and I have yet to see one that comes close to the Igbo list. I'm glad more Igbo brides are fighting it though

  11. Not an Imo maidenJuly 21, 2013 10:50 AM

    After a man has paid for all this it means he has 'bought' the bride.Don't then expect equal rights in your marital home. You are now his property and he can do what he like with you and to you,within the law,of course.

    sorry but in this day and age,I consider this pure greed.

  12. I just think for Black brides and bridesmaids.They look gorgeous in colorful wedding dresses.


  14. For ma villa i don't know ooo

  15. pure greed....its a shame africans still tie themselves to traditions that make no sense....alot of the stuffs are just drinks, meanwhile some family members who have not even contributed positively in anyway to the so called daughters welfare will scramble for drinks and others.....while am not in anyway saying our tradition should be thrown away, little bride price and maybe kola and a present for her parents and close family members can be given....let them spend money on entertainment of guest on the d-day...this is one of the reason why some Igbo men who come from poor homes will do anything or wait long before they marry.....

  16. Only greed? A lot of these things are steeped in idolatry but people are spiritually ignorant to realise it. For ours (my sister and I) we rejected a lot of things; palm wine, alligator pepper, goat this, cow that, yam, palm oil etc. Also we put our foot down and did it in Lagos and not in the village (my Dad's house in the village is massive so space wasn't an issue.) We got the eldest family member in Lagos to represent the head of the family. I know later my Dad sorted his village family members with money. Most Dads won't accept what we did. But we prayed and convinced him. For me, I also added that I'd do it in absentia if he didn't agree!

  17. Hian! This list is short na. They did not add the one for fuel for the car, kerosens for the stove, bringing the pot down from the fire.
    Sorry, i'm an Owerri woman. My people include such.


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  19. Could someone please come up with the list for Ngor Okpala Imo State?


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