Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Time - Beyonce and JayZ with Blue Ivy

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For those who haven't gone for their own vacation, what are you waiting for? I'm sharing these pictures to remind us that all work and no play, makes Ola and Nne very dull. You can even have a staycation in your home with a plastic pool in the backyard, or find your nearest swimming pool.

Beyonce and JayZ took Blue Ivy away and as you can guess, close to the water. Enjoy their summer pictures, and tell us what you've been doing :)


  1. Cute little Blue Ivy. They are having real fun here.
    @Myne, lol at Ola and Nne

  2. It's amazing that no-one has a camera or phone out in the 2nd to last picture. The other people are just doing their own thing as if they see Beyonce everyday.


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