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Types Of Men To Avoid On Twitter and Facebook

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By Jummai

In 2013, in the age of twitter, facebook, instagram, myspace, blah blah blah it’s no surprise that a good number of the people we end up meeting and dating are from the virtual world. If you want to lie to yourself then lie, but for those that do set P or intend to set P with those peeps online, here are some tips of type of guys to avoid.

1. Mr Noise Maker

Yes! This guy is always on every discussion that’s going on. Every fight, every game, every political discussion, everything he must talk. One has to wonder, does this guy have a life outside his phone or laptop? You can spot him by the 556k tweets he already has (most of them retweets of his replies) or the numerous updates that clog your minifeed. Chances are he’s a popular person on social media, but there is a greater chance that he’s a lamo in real life. Don’t believe me? Meet one of them. Hopefully you’ll get to have a full conversation without him constantly on his phone updating something.

Some call them twitter celebrities, me I call them noisemakers.

2. The I Hate Women Guy

You know you’ve seen them. Every excuse to bash a girl they are on it. Calling girls ashawos, hoes, etc. They get all the retweets and think ultimately they are making sense but in reality they come off as complete idiots. One has to wonder if these guys have mothers. On the flip side they rarely have anything positive to say about any woman, and in their books all women are evil. Frustration due to lack of P? Maybe. Who knows?

3. TMI

Oh-M-G!! These are the guys that don’t have a close lid on their page. If it’s on their mind they are sharing it. Be it issues at home, in their relationships, business, whatever. If there’s a problem, that ish is going on facebook, twitter, etc with immediate effect. In my opinion it’s just tacky, and who knows, maybe when/if you guys date, and break up and your whole gist will be on CNN & BBC the next morning. Yea, if you like your business to yourself, run from this guy when you see him.

4. Mr Big Baller

His profile has all the achievements he’s ever had in his life! If he won 10 naira in a competition, he’ll add “N10 winner 2013” to his bio & profile. He’s always bragging about how much he’s making, what he just bought, that he’s in VIP, who he’s chilling with, posting pics of cars he probably doesn’t own or houses he doesn’t live in. I mean I know social media is for sharing but jeez, no one needs to know if you just made 20 naira yesterday. That’s for yourself.

Reason to avoid this guy? The big letdown! After all the bragging you’ll be thinking he’s living the life, however….. Nothing. Probably has none of the stuff he’s bragging about. Real big boys move in silence :)

5. Mr See My Body

Let me just say this first, there’s nothing wrong with sharing an occasional body photo or gym photo every so often, but if every other picture of you on instagram or faceboook is about your body then one has to wonder if you have anything else to offer. I mean your last 4 avis or profile pictures don’t all have to be you half naked. We get it.

You’ll see him always updating some gym status, or talking about eating healthy (always) or constantly showing the 6 packs. I mean I like looking o, but after a while he will just come off as doing the most…. Unless of course he’s running a fitness business :)

Ok that’s all ladies. I’m sure there’s plenty more types of guys to avoid on these things called social media, and I’d like to hear what you have. So yea, let’s hear it.

What kind of men do you avoid on social media?

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  1. The worst types are the see my body, gosh, can't people have a little moral? Then some also ask you to send them your nude pictures, saywhat?!

  2. Uh talk about that nude pic ones, nobody has ever asked me that. And any body that tries na slap im deserve

  3. don't give em attention
    so i have no one like that.

  4. Yeh, Mr. See my body... oh Christ help us

  5. This is interesting. The Mr Noise Maker kind of guy is very popular. Everyone knows them for their noise making. They put you off easily. Celebrities of Noise Making.


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