Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tiwa, Toke and Toolz in Braids - Is This Wife Material Hairstyle?

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So as I was writing up Toke's recent vlog about wife material syndrome - how women begin to show they're ready for the proposal or marriage when in a serious relationship - I realized something. Toke had a hairstyle in common with a couple of other ladies whom I had profiled as being in a relationship or engaged. Both Tiwa Savage (engaged to T-Billz) and Toolz Oniru (Coupled up with Tunde Demuren) are currently rocking braids.

Toke Makinwa herself is engaged to be married to Maje Ayida. I began to wonder if braiding one's hair as opposed to adding hip-lengths of Brazilian hair extensions was a way of showing you were ready to get a proposal, a ring, or a date to get married?
Toolz in braids recently

Toke Makinwa in her braids

One thing is sure, braids look good on most women. They show up your facial features and any man would be blind not to want to grab and hold onto his woman when she's in braids :)


  1. Awww mehn. I wanted to braid my hair, but not if everyone's doing this same hair style!

    1. there are tones of hairstyles on the net. Just google "natural hair styles". You'll be surprised. :)

  2. Did Toolza nd Tiwa use the same hairstylist? lol

  3. I'm currently rocking braids. I'm a braids girl. I could wear them for 11 out of 12 months. Ain't nobody got time for brushing hair endlessly *face-palm*

  4. I love braids any day any time not weaves. Once I am through with my natural hair out for a while I am back to braids.

  5. I love braids on women! Can never bored of seeing it everyday on my wife.

  6. Not the same hairstyle but similar. Take a second look.

    I love braids. I have a new one presently and in just two days I got a million compliments!
    Easy to wear too.
    Hearing the wife material thingy anew sha

    NB: Im doing Tiwa's style next..he he he he

  7. I never had the patience for braiding, neither to sit to get it, nor the time it takes ot undo it. I think the last time my hair was braided was when I was 10. I don't know if I will ever do it. But I agree, it does look good on most women.

  8. Braiding DOES NOT have anything to marriage. Its just choice

  9. Lovely ladies and they are hardworking.


  11. i dnt think that their relationship status has anything to do with the hairstyles...but still luk nice on them


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