Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Beverly Osu Episode With Angelo Had a General Showing?

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If I start a new hashtag #nigeriansboycottBBA on Twitter and Facebook, will it go viral? I just read from Eya who watches the Big Brother Show from Nigeria and she writes that the manual intercourse between Beverly Osu and Angelo from South Africa which seem to have angered lots of Nigerians at home and abroad was on general viewing.

I thought people watched it on the VIP and now coming to show their hypocrisy, but it seems Big Brother knows what makes them money. The sense I get is that this years series named The Chase is all about relationships and hookups, even much more than the previous ones. If Africans and Nigerians, the biggest viewers of the series were as prudish as the outrage on Twitter would have us believe, I think this wouldn't be so, as Multichoice knows their audience better than anyone.

As for those lambasting Beverly, please just stop. It makes me want to laugh when I see the comments about how she was extra shameful for moaning in pleasure. OMG, do these people not enjoy sex in their own lives? So keeping quiet during sex makes her a better woman, more righteous or what?

Don't even get me started on those who close their eyes to the fault of the BBA producers or the guy in the equation. At least Eya shares the blame very fairly.

For those still vexing. Don't hug transformer, don't jump in the lagoon, and don't just vent on twitter, add the hashtag #nigeriansboycottBBAfrica. And even more, stop watching DSTV as a whole. If you cannot do this, just zip it.


  1. what is manual intercourse?

  2. Manual Intercourse?? I have heard it all. What the heck is that?
    Myne, rather than just a random post on twitter, look for Mrs. Biola Alabi, the MNET CEO on twitter, follow her and tag her to all your BBA related comments. How that woman and the rest of her management team sleep at night while milking a gullible and sex crazed continent with this poor quality soft porn they call entertainment beats my imagination. There is nothing being done in the BBA house that i have not done (so i am not claiming to be a saint) but broadcasting that into homes across the continent and passing it off as entertainment of any sort is a fraud of epic proportion. Shame on you Biola Alabi!! Give this BBA crap a rest. You and your team have made enough money from this trash.

  3. oh! Please. BBA is a restricted 18+ channel on Dstv. So restricted is it that it can only be viewed after an activation call to DSTV has been made.


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