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Short Story - Love's Pain Part 4

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I was so exhausted from the whole day that since it was Friday and Tunmi couldn’t go to school because of her cut, I decided to take the day off and rest. By 8:30, the house was empty, it was just Tunmi and I in the house and she was still sleeping. I took a quick shower and started the laundry so I could go back to bed. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but think about Malaysia.

The hotel room I got upgraded to was beautiful, it was just as big as the condo Lolu and I had shared in our first year of marriage. My whole trip here was amazing, as much as I love my two boys; I needed time off from being anyone but just Joju. I had hired a nanny that would watch them for the week I was gone since Lolu had a deadline that week at work. One whole week away from the constant running, jumping, scratching to be traded for early mornings of work but evenings with spas, wine and tropical drinks, not bad Joju, not bad.

I had called Lolu’s phone twice and texted once to let him know I had landed but I figured it was Sunday night, he was probably trying to get the boys ready to sleep.

I unpacked and hung all my suits, arranged my toiletries in the bathroom and jumped into bed to respond to personal emails I had been putting off for about a week.

A knock on the door startled me until I heard “room service”. I walked up to the door, opened it and said politely “I didn’t order anything, you must have the wrong room.”

“Ma’am, my name is Nava, I have been assigned to your room, if you need anything just call the front desk and ask for me.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Do you have anything to be ironed or steamed?” she was saying when I saw him for the first time turning the key for the suite right opposite mine.

I saw him again when I went to have a lonely meal in the dining room. I was at the hotel restaurant on my second night trying to decide what to eat and flipping through the humongous menu but it didn’t seem to help narrow down my choice.

“You should get the blackened shrimp, you’ll thank me later,” he said as he passed by my table as I looked through the menu. I looked up and caught his smiling eyes. I smiled at him and looked away before he could see the lust in my eyes. I was grateful for the recommendation because I was a shrimp lover so I handed the waiter the menu and ordered the blackened shrimp.

Mystery man was staying in the suite opposite mine and I had not seen him since that first night while I was talking to Navi. He had looked so gorgeous but I had dismissed the thought from my mind before I could meditate on it. I was looking around trying to take in the décor of the restaurant when I saw him at the bar talking to the bar tender like they were long lost buddies. How on earth could someone be so friendly that everyone he walked by smiled at him so genuinely?

He was walking back from the bar with two drinks and was smiling at me but I didn’t think anything of it; he couldn’t possibly be bringing me a drink.

“My wife thinks this drink is absolutely amazing so I figured since most women like of the same things, so you might like it” he was smiling again and signaled with his head to the empty seat.

“Yes please sit” I pointed to the empty chair. He was married, thank God. We are just two married people on a business trip having dinner together.

I took a sip of the drink and it was absolutely amazing, just the way he described it. “Wow, this drink is delicious, has your wife been here before?” I asked while still sipping on the beautifully mixed tropical drink.

“Yes, we came here 5 years ago so when I got the opportunity to come here for work, I couldn’t resist. Is it your first time here?”

“Yes it is, I have a series of business meetings scheduled with clients who are vacationing nearby.”

“Nice, so you get to enjoy a free trip on the company, nothing beats that. Where are you from? I hear an accent.”

“I’m Nigerian, my husband is as well.” I just wanted to make it clear that I was married too before he makes any inappropriate moves.

Two drinks later, we are still talking at the table and even though I have a high tolerance for alcohol, it was late, I hadn’t called Lolu and I am sure he would have called the room phone several times so I decided to start heading back to my room.

“It’s been nice, but I should get back.” I said, stood up and started putting my things together.

“Do you have to go, a walk on the beach perhaps?” he flashed his teeth once again. He must know his smiles weaken me but I would not allow myself to be tempted by this man when my perfect husband was waiting for a call back from me.

“No thank you, I have to call my husband before he leaves for work, it’s about 7am over there right now.” I didn’t wait for a response before I picked up my purse and headed towards the exit. I got back to the room and immediately listened to my voice messages; one was from the front desk asking if I needed a wakeup call and the other from Lolu and the boys. I missed them so much. I quickly called back since the voice message was left only about thirty minutes ago but Lolu didn’t pick up his cellphone so I figured they must have left for school.

I roll out of bed and head for the shower, it is so hot in Malaysia that I couldn’t help but jump in the shower every chance I got. There was a knock on the door and I figured it must be Navi since I hadn’t returned the call from the front desk concerning the wakeup call. I open the door and mystery man was standing there smiling again and it was then I knew that I was in trouble.


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  1. This is much better, now to Part 5.

  2. Next one please.

  3. I saw your blog and read it and found a lot of information.Thanks.

  4. i feel sorry for her already, NEXT PART OH

  5. Your tenses are all over the place. This minute, you are writing in the present, next minute you are writing in the past. Good story though.


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