Friday, July 5, 2013

Short Story : Love's Pain - Part 3

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I quickly run out of the kitchen towards the front door with Lolu right behind me and with Fola leading us to where his sister was. I tried to think of what I should have grabbed from the house depending on what happened to her but my mind was too occupied worrying about the safety of my child. Quick glances up the street and I see her bike sprawled on the floor, next to where she was sitting cry.

“Tunmi, what happened? Are you hurt?” I scream as I am still running towards her.

“Daddy!” She looks up, picks herself up and runs towards Lolu still crying. I think my heart bled a little bit because I was so jealous that she ran towards him and gave me and my outstretched hands a nice ela.

“Baby, what happened? Are you bleeding?” Lolu had picked her up and was now carrying her back to the house and I was left pushing a bike that seemed to have lost its bar handles.

Upon getting the house, we found a huge gash in her hand and quickly drive up to the hospital to get it checked out. While she was being examined by the doctor, one of us was asked to leave because the ER rooms were too tiny to hold 4 adults and since Tunmi was firmly holding on to her dad, I could help but feel that pang of jealousy again as I exited the room.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if a parent actually got jealous of the other parent who was being favored by a child. I couldn’t even discuss it with Lolu because I was pretty sure he would just laugh it off. Twenty minutes later, they walk out of the room together holding hands with the doctor behind them.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Yes mummy, I got 4 stiches,” she was still examining the cut and stiches; I look up at Lolu and gave him that are we ready to go home look.

“Babe can you please drive, I want to stay in the back with her so she can fall asleep hopefully before we get home.”

“Sure”, I said with a smile, grabbed the keys and slid into the driver’s seat.

After this whole situation, I guess my attitude must have changed because Lolu came up to my side while I was doing the dishes and said “lighten up babe, she’s fine.”

“What, I’m ok oh, I was just worried that’s all.”

“I know you were, I was too but she’s fine, she just needed 4 stiches so it’s not that bad.”

“I know, I’m just like what if it was worse?” I turn to look at him with my huge sad eyes and he plants a kiss on my lips “it’s not worse, she is fine, Joju”.

I finished washing the dishes, packed their lunches and headed to bed, it was already 11:30pm which means I could either go straight to bed or try to finish up the work I had planned to do that night. The first decision seemed more appropriate considering the day and night I had so as I crawled into bed with Lolu that night, I couldn’t help but be thankful to God that everyone was alright, for now.


Hi, I'm Moriam. I'm curious and I love cooking. I also like to write short stories. If you haven't check out Part one and two of Love's Pain. If you love recipes, check out my blog too.


  1. there is something off about this part 3

  2. cantbebotheredJuly 06, 2013 5:01 AM

    This part 3 makes no means myne doesn't read some posts sef...*rme*

    1. Sorry about the mix-up, they have been corrected.


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