Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis Says "Who am I to Judge" Gays?

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The comments made by Pope Francis about gay people reminded me of one of the questions I answered in a recent interview. In reply to a question about the bill signed by the Nigerian house of assembly making homosexuality illegal, I said it was about "a few influential people using their positions to try to force the rest of us to do what they like."

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Pope's comments about homosexuality came in the context of a question about Roman Catholic priests who are gay.

"Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?" the pontiff said, speaking in Italian. "You can't marginalize these people."

Like someone said on a thread in my timeline -

Sooner or later, hopefully sooner than later, we will all learn to stop using our religious faith as a tool for carrying out our own personal agenda of hate and judging others. None of us is born perfect but complete. Just because somebody is one way and chooses to be other than we are, or like, does not mean we should hate, judge, or marginalize them for who they are. It is hoped that the hundreds of millions of followers this humble Pope heads will see this through him and begin a much needed "mind makeover" in the right direction, to love first and ask questions for the purpose of understanding, not judging, later. - Sunny Azikiwe Ebegbuzie

The Bible and Christianity is about love above all. I salute the new pope for his courage in speaking out on this issue and extending a positive loving hand to all children of God irrespective of their sexuality. Who are we to judge indeed?


  1. In as much as i like the answer he gave, it still wasnt the answer to the question asked. He was asked about gay priests (they should be celibate). But he gave a general answer.

  2. In my own opinion,'gay' is wrong.Even from my own religious standpoint.There's right and then there's wrong.Two men or two women is just wrong.When God created man,he was created alone,but when God decided man was lonely,he created another human to help fill the void.However,he didn't create another man,he created a woman! Logically,there a way things should be,and if it isn't that way,it connotes that something is wrong.Here's a thought,if we all turn 'gay',will we be able to replenish humanity? Having in mind that two men or two women can't bring off-springs naturally.

    1. Don't get me wrong though,i'm not implying we cast them from us.Rather,i'm saying we shouldn't give them the impression that there's nothing wrong with being gay.

    2. "if we all turn 'gay',will we be able to replenish humanity." Yes by artificial insemination. So that statement is silly.
      Gays and lesbians don't bother me. Stay the hell away from me, that's all. You know the ones who bother me? Rapists and Paedophiles.

  3. Mine like you really support gay? is it just to get readership or what???
    like A-9ja said, if all humans turn gay then dts d end of mankind and wat d devil will want..
    really this 'dont't judge me attitude is not of God
    its same way we question all that is wrong. we support legalising abortion and give all lame reasons
    soon, we will plead d cause of boko haram
    am just so disappointed with this article and d blog itself.
    call me a purit and I will answer

    1. Maybe Myne will answer. But I feel that once you live in the Western world your mind softens towards them. It doesn't mean she supports them.
      Everywhere I look at work, in shops, at parties etc I see gay people. Should i run out of town because of them? No. I turn a blind eye as long as they don't try to impose themselves on me. Silence isn't always approval.


  5. Myne, I love you. Please continue to stand for what you believe in. Only God will judge us all.

  6. I really love your articles but this is a no no. Let us keep religion aside, nature does Not support same sex union, plants and animals which we regard as low on. Tthe food chain obey this principle so why not humans who claim to be advanced. I have nothing against homosexual but nobody should stand and say this is normal talkless of legalising it.

    1. gbam
      nne idi ok..
      nature alone abhors homosexuality
      it is not a question of living in the western world or not
      there are simply no absolutes in the world anymore.
      once you justify an action it becomes right in our own eyes..
      God will have mercy

  7. This Pope; Reformer of the church. He has seen and has acknowledged that his church and in fact a lot of churches have gays in their midst. Worse for the Catholic church where they are meant to be celibate.
    I just feel that all Catholic Priests, Monks and Nuns who are homos and lesbians should leave the church. That's radical but if they stay they will continue to pollute it and will continue to be a laughing stock. They can go and live their lives outside the church and await God's judgement.

  8. That a priest is celibate does not mean he is asexual. The church is only acknowledging that the person can be heterosexual or homosexual BUT above all has chosen to be celibate in his role as Priest. If the pope has to tick the gender box in a typical form he May tick 'heterosexual' . does that mean he is having sex or has a girlfriend/wife? no.

    I am Catholic and I totally love Pope Francis. Love is the message and the message is love.

    1. Gbam! Well spoken!

      To be sincere, while I was in Naija, I was homophobic. It was simply as a result of the society I lived in. It was 'drummed' into my senses that homosexuality is evil, so I basically viewed anyone who was gay as being possessed, demonic or insane, cue the homophobia.

      Then I moved to the US and my mindset changed. I interact with gay/straight/bi- oriented people. For once, I saw them as human. Do I believe homosexuality is right? No, I don't, based on my Christian beliefs. It has nothing to do with nature or any other biological argument. But do I hate gay people? No, I don't. I look beyond their sexual orientations and see them for the people they are.

      The world smacks of double standards. In as much as I do not advocate for gay rights, I am not in a position to deny them either. My mindset is simple, I hate the sin, not the sinner. If we view gay people as "evil", then I don't see how we straight folks are any better, after all we fornicate and commit adultery. There is no 'bigger' sin. They are all equal. I support the Pope's views. God's law to us was simple: Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. If you ostracize and villify gay people, shouldn't God condemn us as well? Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Sometimes I wonder why when we assumed the role of "soldiers of God" ready to fight his battles.

      As to having homosexual priests, it contravenes what the bible says. So there shouldn't be any debate about that. If you want to 'serve' the church, you abide by the rules. That's where my angst is, the push to "sanitize homosexuality and make it acceptable" in the church is alarming. If you choose a certain sexual orientation, then it is perfectly okay, your decision. Should the sinner stay away from church? No, he should be welcomed. Should the priest embrace a sinner? Yes. Should the priest embrace the sin? No.

      Public opinion and sentiment will never change a person's sexual orientation. That is something between the individual and God, only one of them can change it. That's just my opinion. It may be wrong, but I'm still learning.


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