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Physically Yours by Nnenna Marcia - Guest Author

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Nnenna Marcia writes under a pseudonym and is anonymous also. This may be credited to the fact that her first love in writing is erotica, and she is a proper Nigerian woman. Or it could just be that Nnenna wants to keep her personal life private for now. Her first book, Physically, Yours, was recently published, and she shared some tidbits about herself in the interview below. BTW, one lucky commenter will get a PDF copy of the book.

- Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nnenna Marcia – it is a pseudonym. It is a name I write erotica under so for this romance book ‘Physically Yours’ I decided to go with ‘Nnenna Emm’. I am old enough to write ‘lurvy stuff’ but young enough to still be uncomfortable by what my parents would say if they found out I was writing erotica and romance!

- What inspires you to write?

Everyday life if I am honest; snatched conversations on the bus or tube, tangential thoughts, dreams and nightmares, conspiracy theories, science, and most importantly how it all fits together  - Human relationships.

- Do you have a specific writing style?

I find I tend to favour dialogue over narration. But my thinking is, why bother hearing from a narrator when you can hear directly from the character?

- What are your current projects?

Well, I have just released this romance book set in Nigeria called ‘Physically Yours’ as I mentioned. It’s about a sexy, sassy personal trainer called Anata who ‘falls in friendship’ with one of her  clients - tall, dark, banker Afam, and the obstacles they have to get around( like the jealous ex Linda) that lead them to love.
But I also have another book coming from Erotic Review Books ( this summer. It’s called ‘Africa Hot: West African Tales of Sex and Love’ and is an erotic collection of short stories plus one novella. I’ve been writing for the Erotic Review for a while so this project has been a long time coming.

- Do you see writing as a career or do you have another full or part time job?

I decided to go for broke – which is ironic considering that is what I am! I write full-time now.

- What is your favorite genre to write in? What Genre is this book?

I’m not sure that I care for genres...I suppose you have to know what your work is to be able to pitch it but genres irk me. I think they can be restrictive and maybe sometimes, formulaic. This works in romance though which is what ‘Physically, Yours’ is so you know the characters will end up together BUT I make everything else difficult/different; my heroine is beautiful and strong, the hero handsome as all get out but not afraid to be vulnerable. I think that is particularly important as they are African characters. You have to be careful what kind of message you are putting out there. You don’t want the man to come across as too domineering or the woman too powerless. Strong, sexy, sensible and sensitive is what I go for. My four Ss.

- Tell us more about Physically yours, where can people buy it?

Physically, Yours is available as a paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon UK and US and ALL other regional Amazon sites. (There is a 15% discount if you purchase a paperback through my CreateSpace estore by using this code: 8PQ4UJ3L)

- Can you share a little about your writing routine? How does your life impact in your writing?

To be honest, I write all the time. I snatch moments between chores and children, I write before I eat and after, before I go to sleep. It doesn’t matter how many words. Writing is a skill and you need to build on it. It’s pretty hard as a writer not to have life enter your art because you’re essentially some kind of sponge for emotions and feelings and events around you.  So if you were...say...a bad ex, I’m sorry but you’re definitely going to make it into one of my books! Haha!

- This is your first novel. Tell us what inspired it, and details about how you got published.

Well, I heard the name of my heroine, I loved it and found my mind imagining what she would look like, sound like, be like. I think it just went from there. Next thing she had a love interest and he has a clingy ex...uh oh! I sat on the book for a few years before I decided to do something about it. I went the indie route because I didn’t want a contract for this particular book. In fact, I turned down money to eroticise it! I know, broke and stupid right? But it just didn’t feel right. I think that Anata has a story and she chose me to tell it. I didn’t want to mess about with it.

- Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Not finding enough time to do all I need to do in one day – although knowing me, I probably wouldn’t stop to eat or drink or pee and I’d die. So, it’s a good thing there are other people dependent on me. Stopping is good. You get to pull out of the little world you’re creating and go back in with fresh eyes.

- When and why did you begin writing? When did you first consider yourself a writer?

As I child I thought everyone was a writer, in addition to whatever they were doing, if they so desired. It was bizarre for me to find that not everyone’s heads made the types of pictures that mine did. And that not everyone wanted to write it down.

- What books have most influenced your writing?

There are just too many books to count! I must have read thousands!

- Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Again, I can’t say that I do have a favourite author. I love all kinds of books. I’m kinda into Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Spec-Fic at the moment and I have always loved horror. I did one of those writing analysis thingies to see who you write like and it told me I wrote like HP Lovecraft. So I researched him and it turns out that I like him too! His books are on their way to me soon. Also I like Joanna Trollope because she just has her finger on the pulse of human relationships...yes...I would love to live in her head for a day. She’s very observant. I’m also very curious about Uwem Akpan so their book is on the way too!

If you had to choose, which writer would you say writes in about the same line or genre as your book? You know, like if you like this book, then you'll also like mine?

I will say if you like your characters modern, African, hot, independent, sassy, sexy, cool...then you should definitely get my book. If you still believe in happy – not sappy – endings in this dog-eat-dog world, you should buy my book. And if you believe that love can grow out a solid friendship, you should buy copies for your friends. Heck, leave a couple or three copies around that-friend-that-you’re-hoping-will-be-more-than-a- friend’s house. S/he’ll get the message!

- Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? What books are you reading now?

I’m reading Taiye Selasi’s ‘Ghana Must Go’ and Helon Habila’s ‘Waiting for an Angel’ – something old, something new. I like to keep it balanced.

- What comments do you have about the reading culture in Nigeria?

I think we used to read a lot in Nigeria when we were kids and along the way, say in the nineties there might have been a decline? It’s coming back up again. But I know people like you Myne are doing a lot for the reading culture in Nigeria with all the books and magazines you edit, which is no mean feat. Also I am glad there are bodies like RWoWA (of which another good writer Kiru Taye is a member). Romance is popular for a reason. We all need escape even if it is just for a few hours.

I will say though, please my fellow Naija brethren, buy books o! BUY! Don’t BORROW. Don’t be like the spirit that borrowed limbs to marry a wife. Build a personal library for your and their kids. If you go to a doctor do you expect free treatment? No. So don’t expect writers to write for free. Please, I have school fees to pay! LOL.

- Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I just did; buy books, read books, review books. Abeg. Please. Ejo. Biko. And most importantly, buy Physically, Yours!


  1. Congrats on your new book, going to get a copy now.

    1. Thank you so much! Don't forget to leave me a review on Amazon. I'll appreciate it.

  2. Is this book going to become a collectors item because it turns out to be written by Patience Jonathan? Hahaha...

  3. I like the cover, well done.

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