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Pastor Kumuyi Offered to Resign Over His Son's Suspension From The Church

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The wedding of John Kumuyi, son of General Suprintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, and Love Odih, daughter of the Deeper Life's Church group in Jamaica, started a wide-ranging conversation about the dressing of women in the church, especially for their weddings, and what could have been a double standard if the young couple were allowed to flout the church rules because they were children of high-ranking pastors.

But double standard was ruled out, as the newlyweds were suspended from church activities after earlier showing remorse and tendering an apology to the church. The earlier conversation about giving women more freedom on how to dress in keeping with the times rather than church tradition was effectively quashed by this hardline stance of the church leaders..

There was another angle to the suspension also. As I had told some people when we discussed this, even before the suspension, I recalled that the practice in some churches, including the Deeper Life Ministry, is that if and when members’ children flout the rules of the church, either both the children and their parents get penalised, or the parents alone if the children have left the church. The thinking is that the children were disobedient because the parents’ failed to teach them well.

And it seems that is what happened with this case. John and Love Kumuyi's apology and suspension was accompanied by their parents, Pastor Kumuyi and Pastor Odih, being subject to discipline also. The leadership of the church regarded the parent's actions as a strong breach of its tradition, and immediately removed the bride’s father, from his position as National Overseer in Jamaica. Pastor Kumuyi, also offered to resign as General Superintendent, but was prevailed upon not to.

According to the Sunday Sun,

the General Superintendent did not take kindly to the couple’s behaviour and, unlike Eli in the Bible who did not discipline his sons and incurred the wrath of God, Pastor Kumuyi had ensured that the offenders were sanctioned.

What I want to know is, if he did not resign, what was his punishment?

And what happened to his preaching about being able to set aside dogmatic church traditions that have no biblical basis?


  1. Sir, the brides that have married in the church before the couple would have appreciated your comment sooner rather than now!
    This reminds me of the book ANIMAL FARM: All animals are equal but some are more equal than others!

  2. I just don't like it when parents are penalised this way.

  3. I still don't know and understand where this couple have gone wrong????....and even if they have committed ''sin'' by their so called critics..Haba!!!..God is not wicked and he is so rich in what's the essence of forgiveness and love !!...we all came into the kingdom through forgiveness, and we are so selfish in giving it out!!!... suspension!!...backlash!!...and all that!!!...If this is how God judges and rejects us for even the little lies we tell!!, am sure we will all be dead by now.... people are so focused on trivial and meaningless issues....

  4. The first 2 comments were for a different post about Tunde Bakare comment,read it before you updated with Pastor Kumiyi statement.

    He should be punished also as the bride's father was punished. But like the first anonymous said, not all animals are equal.

  5. I feel for the couple. They should be enjoying their new marriage not being involved in all these...

  6. But seriously i have sseen nothing wrong in whats this children have done. For what resaon should they be punished and for what reson should and would they keep abiding with all this cock and bull rules? I know of so many people whose parents were deeper life but uses earings and some are even having premarital several sex(es) as long as they are horny and dr libido is high. In this century of ours, why shud children still be conferred to a rule that their great grand fathers had been hooked into? Pls, this people should be enjoying dr honeymoon and not facing all ds the media had caused them. And i believe its high time deeper lifers come to the reality of 21st century, its nt for them to dress half nacked but let them just feel and dress like their students and colleagues or mates whom they see and admire everyday and nt all ds turban and mundane thinkn they have had. If Pastor kumuyi should resign, then he had found himself guilty of this offence.

  7. It seems the offence committed is against the church, hence the church's stand on discipline. But is it right for the parents to suffer for the sin of their children? Certainly not, for every man shall bear his/her own sin. Well, whatever the case, they should be made to face the music which they played.

  8. haha!....parents are being punished for the 'sins' of grown-up children....that's so funny. I am sure that the both love and john are older than 18 if John decide to commit murder now, pastor Kumuyi should be sent to jail for not training the son well. I believe that this saga is orchestrated by God to bring to the fore the level of religiousity going on in many conservative churches. It will eventually lead to cleansing that God requires. Christianity and religiousity are two different concepts.....Christianity is the only way to heaven, religiousity is one of the many ways that lead to hell...May God name be praised for the deliverance that is about to enter deeper life's time for everyone to go back to the bible, and stop modeling people's life after the general overseer's wife concept of moderacy.

  9. you want to resign the post God gave you bcos of a perceived sin not even committed by you but by your child?? Na wa o, What will you tell God ? pls shall we all learn to separate God's word from the principles of men? the principles of me can be justified by picking select scriptures without adequate knowledge and understanding to back it up. John & Love, its not compulsory that you have to worship in the church God called your parents into , to be able to make heaven. Christianity is not denomination, no denominations in heaven. God probably wants to use to else where. be steadfast, wish you all well. hope they are all praying for God's will to be done**** sorry for my long talk. just upset!

  10. all these are hearsay and speculation. who knows what Pastor Kumuyi's thoughts really are regarding this matter. People need to take a step back and stop believing every thing they read in punch and sun news and elsewhere.

  11. How many parents have been killed or squard fired along their criminal children? Why do you think parents of a child of twenty years and above should suffer for their wickedness? Do you think that Kumuyi is one who could neglect teaching his children what he stays sleepless nights to prepare and teach others? I wot not.It is deliberate rebellion by those children. It is very obvious that the boy was lured and decieved by the girl. John who at a tender age was an organist of the Church at Gbagada could not have been so naive to do that. If he down played the Bible Doctrines which he pledged to uphold, then Kumuyi is not to be held responsible. somebody who is aged enough to get a wife knows what he is doing. You can take a horse to the water but you can not force the horse to drink the water. There is no truth John has not heard. His action is personal and I personally and hoListically say that KUMUYI is pure of any one's blood. The boy's willing disobedient is his cross. Let people leave GS alone. God will never hold him responsible for the action of a boy who knows the truth the father told him but chose to be a Hophini and Phinihas.If Eli had preached like Kumuyi, God would not have said he honours his children above him and kicks against His sacrifice.Let this matter rest.


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