Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Tiannah Styling - What is Appropriate Dressing For a Child?

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Elegante by TiannahStyling is a fashion line created by Toyin Lawani, a Nigeria based stylist, who has also recently launched Elegante Kidz, taking on the design aesthetics of the main label to create fashion forward clothes for children. I saw the outfit above first, and was like, really? I felt better when I saw the other designs, but still?

Call me out of touch but a black leather gear reminiscent of Wesley Snipes in Blade, and which has a vampire and a werewolf on the front is a bit over the top for pre-teenage girls IMO. Unless the clothes are meant to be costumes. The ones below are much better.

According to Onobello, Toyin Lawani says, “Nigeria is lacking in fashion-forward childrenswear and this is what led to the inception of the label Elegante Kidz.”

What do you think? Is this collection fashion forward or simply age inappropriate? For those with children around this model's age, would you allow them to wear any of these designs?


  1. I actually like the first one because only a kid would wear it. I dont think the clothes are bad, i think they are just over styled ie the big belt, sunglasses, gold jewellry, punk hair etc a bit OTT but its a hard one to judge, it may just be her way of promoting it, also, with 7 year old commercial singers both in Nigeria, i doubt an overstyled child would make it as a good enough topic to deliberate on.
    I guess tis is what the new millenium brings with it

  2. there is nothing wrong with it. she created a product and people have a choice to buy it or not. there are worse designs than the first one at the malls here in the US. especially the ones that are based on tv shows such as walking dead and such

    1. Are you sure those are for children?

    2. if you see the things targeted at kids these days ehn. I watched frankenweenie which is a movie for kids and it was so dark. Yet there are frankenweenie tshirts everywhere for children. Trust me I prefer the first picture above to most of the frankenweenie tshirts out there

    3. and yes children love walking dead too! There was a walking dead 5k run in my city recently and kids turned up in very macabre costumes

  3. Ndorson MarialeX.July 10, 2013 2:10 AM

    SeCond n The Third For my Babies.
    Others big NO.

  4. Why are we, as a society, in such a hurry to have our children grow up so fast? There’s plenty of time for them to be adults! There are many sites that sell age appropriate clothing for girls. This is one of our favorites. Cheers. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com/girls-maxi-dress


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