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Nse Ikpe Etim On Her Marriage So Far

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Nse Ikpe Etim got married to Clifford Sule in a civil ceremony on the 14th of February, 2013 and in this interview about her marriage, career and fashion choices, she gets emotional about how much she has been enjoying being married, what true love means to her, and the troupe of children she hopes to have.

1. Congratulations on your successful wedding. How has the marital journey being?

Thank you. When you embark on journeys with friends or partners it's always a lot easier. We thank God, my husband and I are journeying very well.

2. Your traditional marriage garnered a lot of media attention, how did that make you feel?

Well, I was simply focused on marrying the man that has my heart, so the media attention was an unexpected bonus. We're however grateful for all the love that was shown to us and all the heart felt messages of support and kinship that we received from family, friends, fans and the media community.

3. In some of the wedding photos that went viral, you cried while embracing your brother at the wedding. Why?

I hadn't seen my brother in a little while. He's resident outside the continent, so it was a tearful reunion. I'd missed him so much and was very glad that he could attend my wedding and give me away.

4. Should we expect a white wedding soon?

Yes, that's in the works. My husband and I are Catholic, and so a wedding in the church is of utmost importance. After the fanfare that followed the traditional ceremony, we wanted a breather. I'll be sure to pass on the details as soon as they're finalized

5. What do you miss the most about your days of being single?

I know this may sound cliché but I don’t miss anything. I'm happy with a man that loves me and whom I love in equal measure. What's to miss?

6. What's your definition of true love and happiness?

True love and happiness is waking up every morning and knowing today I'm not alone. It's the safety or security you feel when you know someone out there has your back.

7. How many babies do you intend making?

If an entire football team is in God's plans for me that's how many *Laughs*

8. What's the most romantic gesture you have gotten so far?

Every day I fall deeper in love with the man I married, so it would be near impossible to pick just one gesture. We make sure to show our love and affection for each other regularly and in different ways.

Read more of the interview on FlyTime TV


  1. Congrats to her, I hope it continues this way.

  2. Congratulations Nse...


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