Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Naijarish Baby and Her Mom Do The Mummy Tag

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You may know her as Lolita, or Naija Runs Girl, in fact her name is Mollie and she is a bi-racial Nigerian woman living in London. Her videos on youtube are either make up tutorials or comedy/satire on the lifestyle of girls who depend on older rich men for money, called reuns girls in Nigeria. In this video, Mollie showcases her mom who is just as funny and a great sport. They cracked me up several times :)


  1. "There's nothing sadder than an old runs girl" Fact!

    Some oyinbos speak Nigerian languages - another fact! before you'll go and abuse one and get slapped for your cheek. Lol!

    The mum's such a sport, too.

    Mrs N.

  2. This is so funny, I have to check her other videos.

  3. I love seeing sincere mom and daughter relationships. Hope i can have that with my kids.

    I love how her Mom parried her on the question 'who is your favourite child'. you'd be surprised at the number of mother's who would unwittingly give an answer that would cause rancour among their kids.


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