Friday, July 19, 2013

Love Letter To the Woman of my Dreams by Iweka Kingsley

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Dear You,

If only you knew the rush that comes with thoughts of you, even now as I write this letter, I feel it. As often as I feel it I want to let you know, but if I did we both will have time for nothing else, except bask in a place where only thoughts can dwell.

Conversations with you are so real and absent pretense or ambiguity, I love that about you. I like that I can engage you on matters so delicate and intense and you remain as objective as possible while emphasizing your opinion on the matter. I love looking through those glasses of yours, watching your eyes as I try to read your mind during our conversations.

Your voice, soft, gentle, like silk, rings in my head, the sound of innocence, though tempered by experience and memory, yet beautiful in its state.

You came to me wholly yourself, like a miracle of fiction, a human being created out of ink, paper and an incredible imagination. I have witnessed this miracle that is you and I feel so lucky.

I can stay here and write a book about how beautiful you are, the tenderness of your nature and the splendour of your heart. I am indeed fascinated by the construction that is you, a fine blend of modern engineering and pristine art. You have an essence that is resistant to the passage of time, a spirit of eternal youth and vigour, something we have in common. O, the rush!

I think of love as a state of grace, not a means to anything, but the alpha and omega, an end in itself. I think of love and I see you. Hold my hand, take this walk with me, let us write this love story together and make the world jealous of what we have.

Iweka Kingsley is the Author of DAPPLED THINGS, a fiction novella hitting Nigerian bookstores in September. Follow him on Twitter @IwekaKingsley


  1. Ok Iweka!!!, that was awesome and I want to be the You that u referred to in this letter... Myne pls help a single sister hook thanks

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I'll be happy to peer through your glasses sometime, and if you don't use glasses that's fine still, makes my job of 'trying' to read your mind easier :-)


  2. Myne has become matchmaker, hahaha. But this is a cute love letter, a cerebral Nigerian man can be hard to find sometimes. I get the sense Iweka is still young.

  3. aww!!..sweet!! @ anon 2;08...u re so funny!!


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