Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is Premarital Sex Necessary To Keep Relationships?

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Whether online or on the streets, the issue of sex before marriage is always controversial. Some people are able to abstain, either from personal convictions or their religious beliefs or simply avoiding romantic attachments until they're ready for marriage. Others are more about doing what works for their relationship and regard sex as part of what binds them to their loved ones.

Odunayo of BattaBox asked people on the streets of Lagos if they think sex before marriage is necessary, or not... and most importantly - how are they behaving regardless of their beliefs. The responses are interesting, both for and against premarital sex.

"It is necessary... body no be firewood!" says one girl.

"It is necessary - as a guy you need to test-run," says one man, who is unmarried.

The main arguments against sex before marriage are often religious - that both Christianity and Islam (Nigeria's two major religions) are against the act before marriage. But interestingly, most people we ask do not mention religion as their primary reason for or against.

It is often more practical and physical concerns that people say shape their opinions - including sexually-transmitted diseases, rejection or unwanted pregnancy.

"No, pre-marital sex is not necessary," says one woman standing next to her fiancee. They have been together seven years and not yet had sex. "It's a personal decision," says the guy.

"No - I disagree that pre-marital sex is necessary - from a moral and religious point-of-view," says one man. But he laughs it "takes the grace of god" to abstain.

It is perhaps a sign of the changing times and opinions about marriage and sexual equality between the sexes - that many of the young people we asked said that sex before marriage is necessary.

So - gist us - what do you think... is it necessary to have sex before marriage?


  1. *They have been together for seven years not married for seven years

  2. its not necessary. Doesnt guarantee anything

  3. It works in my relationship, and we're planning our wedding soon.

  4. It is not necessary for everybody, but for me it is necessary. I want to make sure that I know the machine I will be working with. If it is too big, or long I am not going to be interested in dealing with it. I am not going to take on any mystery penis, gotta see it, test it, and make sure it is in proper working order before.

  5. Not necessary, strictly against the will of God for our lives. Abstain for your seek.

  6. Its is not necessary cos even d bible says that love is patience so if d is love then u have to be patient till after marriage...

  7. It guarantees nothing! In many unfortunate cases even, it makes the relationship lose its shine and leaves nothing to yearn for.

  8. To some,it is nt necessary. While to other's it is nt. It has really worked out for many,i mean sex before marriage. I think it is a personal opinion.

  9. it is jes wrong.tho difficult,buh we shud try to abstain,all to d glory of God. Love is all abt sacrifice.if we claim we luv God,we shud kip to his biddins cos he shows n continue showerin his luv upon us wtout conditions.

  10. sex is nt necessary in a relationship bcus of many reasons nd sum of them r:its against d wil of God,4 unmarried pple 2 ave sex,nd d dignity of d gal falls.just pray 4 GOD 2 giv u d grace 2 abstain.


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