Saturday, July 20, 2013

How To Make Easy Akara From Beans Flour - Convenience Cooking

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Someone asked why I used frozen spinach in my last gizzard sauce. Anyone who's been paying attention to these food recipes would have recognized that I'm what some people may describe as a convenience cook. My mum laughs at me and calls me mademoiselle in the kitchen because I don't like to get dirty. Yes, I cook with an apron most times. More importantly, I like all the ingredients I cook with to be almost ready.

So while I can chop my own onions, I sometimes buy chopped onions and peppers, frozen spinach or mixed vegetables, cleaned gizzard, chicken parts rather than whole, you get the idea. It also means I don't mind using beans flour to prepare my moi-moi and akara. It doesn't help that I live in Seattle where the only African store stocks only dried okazi, ugu, bitterleaf, etc.

I know, I most people I prefer made-from-fresh-ingredients food too. However, I tried blending soaked beans for moi-moi twice, and both times, the blender packed up. Also, my made from half-processed-foodstuff meals taste great too, even if I do say so myself. OK, some of them turn out to be experiments, but I can eat most things I cook, and Atala is a willing co-explorer.

So if you're a cook from scratch person, my recipes will let you see how the other side lives. If you've been too lazy to learn at all or to cook the little you've learnt, then you're at the right place. If you're a convenience cook like me, then you're a sister of my heart. Let's make Akara from beans flour.


Beans Flour
Cooked Tomato Stew
Half an Onion
Salt to taste

Mix the beans flour in warm water and add a little of the cooked stew

Chop your onions

Stir the onions into the beans mixture

The consistency of the beans mixture should be thick, just about dropping from the spoon. Heat at least 2 inches deep oil in a pot or fry pan till it sizzles when an onion is dropped in. Use a round bottomed spoon to scoop the beans mixture into the hot oil

Sizzling akara balls

Remove and add more of the beans mixture as you pot can contain

Your food is ready. Eat with custard or akamu/ogi, a cold juice drink or a hot beverage like tea or coffee. Bon apetit!


  1. LMAO people are funny re: the frozen spinach question. We must be sisters at heart. So I am cooking okro soup right now. I bought smoked turkey, cut frozen okro which I then blend but easier to me than the whole fresh okro, bag of frozen spinach and I am good. I also have my packet of tyson gizzards, another bag of chopped spinach and a container of chopped red onions in anticipation of attempting the gizzard sauce tomorrow. I love bell peppers so I bought a bag of mixed bell peppers and considering putting that in the gizzard sauce. I plan to pare the sauce with basmati rice...which guess what...I found Uncle Bens makes these 90 second microwaveable packs of rice that you heat right in the packet and there are multiple kinds and yep one of the ones i bought was basmati. So yes all hail convenience and tasty healthyish food :)

    1. People are funny re-the frozen spinach question? I asked a question and she answered what makes that funny? You are the funny one. For vegetables, I buy them fresh. Myne's answer was perfect.

  2. Quick questione Myne, you said we use cooked tomato stew for the akara. Can I blend tomato, pepper and onions and add it to the mix just like that? Just like If I was making moi-moi. I thank goodness I found this recipe because I don't want to be fighting with my blender to blend beans when I have beans flour!

    Love from Australia

  3. Its easy and quick recipe of Akara that is made with the Beans Flour. Its a new one for me and I try it at home by following this article. Its really too tasty and mouthwatering and now I was thinking about to make it again during my upcoming west coast usa trips .

  4. I am desperate because I have e tried several times to make Amara from bean flour and either they turn out flat or they are round but not too done from inside

  5. Nice! I am about to try your recipe, however, there's no mention of when to add the salt listed as part of your ingredients. Kindly help out. Thanks

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