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Why Betty Should Not Face Lawsuit For Big Brother Africa Sex

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Betty and Bolt

There have been quite a few sex stories out of the Big Brother Africa 2013 house(s). I earlier blogged about Natasha using a sex toy here, but tried to keep my eyes and ears and mouth shut on the others especially the gratuitous shower and sex pictures and videos. The first video was of Betty and Bolt, and that has sparked off her country men. Now, the lawyers have picked the gauntlet to charge her for public sex.

This is seriously one of the most ill-thought out lawsuits I've ever heard about if it goes ahead. I can understand a country like Ethiopia having laws against public sex, similar charges have been brought against couples discovered having sex in public places in Arab countries like Dubai or Saudi, but to sue a woman who if we look at it logically was inside a room, in the dark, under the sheets for that matter!

According to Ethiopian website, Awaramba Times,

A group of lawyers in Addis Ababa finalized its preparations to sue Big Brother Africa’s 2013 contestant, Betty Abera for having sex in public.

According to a local radio show, Ethiopikalink, if she is convicted, Betty could potentially face up to six years behind bars.

Ethiopia’s Betty and Sierra Leon’s Bolt became the first couple to engage in a “sex act” in 2013′s Big Brother Africa.

To be honest, after reading about the funny lawyers on Ginger's blog, I'm not too surprised by these Ethiopian lawyers. Sometimes, one is tempted to ask of some lawyers, are you sure you passed your bar exams? Or even finished first degree law.

On a serious note, Betty should not be liable for any charges under any public sex law. In my layman's opinion, here are the reasons;

1. Betty did not have sex in public, she was inside a house.

2. The sex was not in Ethiopia. Isn't BBA shot on location in South Africa?

3. The case will have no merit if they charging her alone. What of the man she had sex with?

4. If they aren't adding Big Brother to the suit as well, then it should be struck out also.

The fact is that if anyone is to blame for any public indecency, it is the producers of Big Brother Africa who have decided to have cameras on these contestants, both in the showers and under the sheets in their bedroom. Things like sex and exposure are exactly what the producers are looking and hoping for.

If you don't like that sort of thing, then don't watch BBA sex or shower scenes and those parts of the show distributed to VVIPs. Don't watch and then come out wearing your injured national pride like a badge of honor as you try to subjugate a woman.


  1. Well put Myne, though I'm not in support of sex in big brother house.

  2. God bless you, my thoughts exactly. Its so annoying to hear people complain about what goes on in the big nrother house. My standard reply has been "did anyone force you to subscribe/watch it?" This intended lawsuit is not only pointless, its senseless as well. You have listed the reasons well so I won't bother to again. In my opinion, those lawyers are very very jobless!

  3. TheChronicled I have never liked BBA, it doesn't appeal to me one tiny bit. Left to me it won't exist. I don't know the arrangement the country had with Betty before she went to represent the country. If there's indeed any agreement and she is going against it then they are free to sue her. If not, I dont think they should. Unless it is expressly written as a crime in their constitution.

  4. They have too much sex on this show for being complete strangers. I am not a prude by any means, but I am tired of the sexapades associated with this show.

    The lawsuit is frivolous and without merit! I feel the issue is simply Ethiopians wanting to police morality here. It is a modest sociaty and sex outside of marriage is frowned upon, sop here is this Ethiopian woman having sex for the world to see and defying the cultural and moral codes of conduct. Somebody's head must roll, so this is the best they can come up with to try to send a message to others who want to do their own thing, to remind them that there are consequences for stepping outside of the norm.

  5. lol! African countries and their 'holier than thou attitude'. Its always interesting how its women's actions that spark it off. If Bolt had been Ethipian, they might give him a kingdom to rule.

    If it pains them so much, they can say "Betty's action do not represent in anyway our law and values" etc etc. But then again, that is just drawing unnecessary attention. I think all BBA viewers know that.
    Fire is burning in your country, its the action of one girl seeking her own fame and future (on her own terms) that is your problem. smh

  6. Well spoken,my thoughts exactly!

  7. Ethopian Lawyers should deal with issues affecting their country and leave Betty alone.

  8. I think the problem here is not policing morality or infringing upon a woman's right to do anything with her own flesh. The real issue is Betty represented Ethiopia;she used the name Ethiopia to get into this contest. That is where things went awry. I am not in. any way demonizing her. I don't think she should be sued either. She is young and we all mistakes, she deserves forgiveness. BBA however should look into its own way of conducting the show and screening ppl. In. the mean time, it does not hurt for betty to appologize, wheather or not she believes she made a mistake or not.

  9. Great news you have share with us, I am waiting your next post, Good luck!!!

  10. I understand your point of view and I applauded for that. However you need to understand what Betty has done. I am not sure if you heard her in interview in Amharic, when she was asked if she will ever regret her act, she laughed and mocked the interviewer and claimed that her action even made her special and famous that she already accepted a modeling job. I do believe this is a big time go for our young sisters who are in desperate thrust for any kind of fame. Therefore, even though she may run free after all, some action must be taken against her in order to show her action and reaction is NOT OK in our society.
    Yes we live in a society that free of any kind of morale value and we are free to choose what we want. But I respectfully disagree with you and believe the western moral freedom, by no means works in a third world, HIV infested content called Africa. Therefore the whole BBA show must be struck down.

  11. I am a lawyer in Ethiopia...the Ethiopian criminal law may apply to
    1. a crime committed on Ethiopian land or
    2, on Ethiopian interest or
    3 on/ by Ethiopian citizens

    s, i see the point for a potential case against Betty.

  12. Every Country has its own laws and regulations that they government they daily life. This laws and regulation are the product reflects the current cultural and historically tiey. And this lows and regulation may include it is one standered how we talk about sex in general some country including western countrys have a low that prohibits propfanty they will punish. Ridio stations for useind sexual word's like fuck or pussy e.t.c may be I am in trubel. Using this words in this sit. Maybe this blogger believe that the higher woman open her legs. The civilized she becomes become however having sex in public does not or should not be considered as a sign of advanced society. In this case she did what she did to win a price so if you have sex to get payied it is as same as prostitution
    The blogger. Believes that it is omy to make love any where and any place. Regardless of the law of of the country or culture culture is the blogger believes society advancement comes from open sex just like animals do I like to invite her invite her to check example American low or any Western low in this regards and you may learn that ther low is much strecter than africa so miss blogere. Littel. Knowledge is very dangerous I am suer you kmow this one


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