Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Femi Fani Kayode Needs To Take A Maturity Pill

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It is so aggravating when the people you think would know better continue to act against any sense of propriety. Femi Fani Kayode shared a picture of a half nude lady in a bathroom on his blackberry display picture with the caption; "Lessons for today- buy fresh pampers for your shitting father and stop trying to teach your elders and betters any life lessons. A pig with lipstick is still a pig."

Who says something like this? And on social media no less? How is a woman's possibly ill parent be a reasonable hammer with which to beat her when you have a falling out? If a 20 years old boy said this, I might overlook it, but Fani Kayode is a man over middle age. Could it be mid-life crisis?

This is the same Fani Kayode that blamed Oscar Pistorious's murdered girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp and called her names [see post]. He suggested she provoked her own murder, even before the police finished their investigation, or before the case could be tried in court.

The same Fani Kayode that proclaimed his everlasting love, post, for of one of the erstwhile girlfriends he had while married. She is probably the same one that is the subject of this photo caption, and the lurid fabrications on Stelladimorkokus's blog;

I was involved with somebody else through the years when I was alone here in Nigeria and separated from my family though it was something that did not in any way threaten my marriage. A good friend of mine became very close to me. I will refer to her as the ''God-Sent Child'' and she came from the Mid-West though she had lived in Lagos all her life. We were very close for a number of years and she was a great source of comfort for me throughout that period but the time came when we had to part ways.

I had to consider the implications of our friendship on my marriage and she had to move on with her life and  go and do her master’s degree in the U.K.. She’s finished now. She did very well. She’s back in Lagos now, doing very well and moving on with her life. I hardly see or hear from her these days but I am proud of her, I am happy for her and she’s a wonderful person. She will always be part of me as well and again a little portion of my heart still belongs to her.

Femi Fani Kayode, if you need help to get your act together, then do so. Stop attacking women and their parents unnecessarily. Maybe you do need to take life lessons from younger people because you just have to stop walking around the village square naked.


  1. The man is mad. I have long since stopped listening to him.

  2. Before we begin to throw insults at him, let us stop and consider a few things;
    1. it was on his BBM, so its his private life,he did not exactly go to fb or twitter to post that.
    2. hes human, so there's definitely room for error...and yes, he's made quite a lot of em.
    3. we do not know what warranted that, so it would be unfair to jump to a conclusion based on his PM alone.
    4. hes a man with a lot of opinions on a lot of things, and most times his opinions do not necessarily go down well with us, but they are his and he is entitled to them.
    We see this people on tv and in the papers and we expect a lot from them...I dont! Truth is, most times they are the worst, I've met quite a few of them, and honestly your better off jus liking them from afar.

    1. I think you have it on point here, sometimes we expect too much from these people forgetting that they are humans just like us prone to mistakes and not superhuman or some beings cut from steel and so they always fall short of our expectations

  3. He just needs to keep mum for a bit

  4. The *boy* has always tried to slip into the over-sized shoes of his more popular and respected is agreed he needs help in the form of that maturity pill...#postpone!

  5. We live in a world where people feel the need to share their lives, be it negative or positive, to remain relevant.

  6. You call stella's writeup lurid fabrications, aka fake gossip hehehe, make she and her voltrons catch you.

  7. This wife beating son of a gun?The mofo needs a strong dose of Jesus...He beat his ex wife n abused her..She ran for her life with 3kids n another man is treating her like a queen now.

  8. I have stopped taking this man seriously, I have read some of his articles and I think he just likes being sensational and craves attention. That being said, I guess its his private life and we can only hope he gets his affairs in order.


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