Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do You Shave Your Legs And Why?

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Before I moved to America, hairy legs were what everyone had depending on how hairy they generally were. If there was a scale for hairiness, I'd probably fall around 7 or 8, and over the years, a few men actually complimented my hairy legs. But then I moved abroad, first to the UK and now the US. In both places, women were supposed to be hairless, all over, but especially on their legs.

For the first few years, I was untroubled. But I guess even the best of us have our assimilation calibration meters adjusted after a while. And where I used to live in jeans year round, my body now understands the difference between winter and summer and appreciates, even demands, less cover when the sun is out. Now I have a different wardrobe for summer that includes shorts and skirts.

So how did I arrive at shaving my legs? I love the flowchart below.

Some of the questions on it were those I used to ask myself whenever I passed by the store aisle with all the women's razors and depilatory creams. For the longest, the answer was always no. Then a few weeks ago, I cracked. We were to attend a party and I had just bought this lovely above-the-knee dress. I was about to show off my legs and I didn't want anyone, American or Nigerian to make my hairy legs the topic of discussion.

So now, my legs are smooth and it does feel good. I don't know that I'll be shaving everyday like most women seem to do or even if I'll continue, lol...

So what about you, do you shave your legs?


  1. I just moved to the US recently for further studies and this issue has been a topic with some of my new friends. The flowchart is cute and funny, I agree mostly with it.

  2. i started shaving 3 years ago when i moved to Europe and now i can't go on for long without shaving! i love how smooth my legs feel when i shave.

  3. The flow chart is funny, and will be helpful to hairy people. I wish I have some ( more) hairs. I'm so un-hairy and smooth that it's the ladies that always commended, if I happen to be on shorts. And I'm hardly on those...LOL.

  4. I'm not hairy so the hair on mine is invisible.

  5. I'm not that hairy and my hair is not black so it hides within my dark skin tone. Still I shave because of that smoothness. I use a shaving stick instead of waxing.

  6. I think shaving my legs is a very tedious but necessary evil lol
    I loved living in the UK because of the long winter months when I wore jeans and trousers! Mehn, bliss lol
    However in Nigeria, I cannot get away from it... It's regularly shaving mehn bleughhh!!

    But I believe that shaving your legs looks cleaner and nicer + you're right when you say socially acceptable.. I honestly think people judge you when you have hairy legs lol..

    Thanks for the real post Myne xx

  7. I shave. Maybe once a week. But if I want a really close one, I use a depilatory cream like Nair or Veet.

    I actually cringe when I see women with hairy legs now. I've been shaving for the longest time.

  8. I only shave in summer when I know I will be wearing a dress. I've been wearing only jeans in this heat because I have been too lazy to shave. I use a stick or Nair.

  9. I do not shave. It's the middle I summer and I am still hairy. Whatever I say. Iam sooooo over it. I used to shave when I first came here ten years ago. Now it's a hairy, all good.

  10. I refuse to shave! There's nothing wrong with my body hair- I keep it clean.


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