Monday, July 8, 2013

Do You Remember Your First Love?

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Margo and Antonio

Despicable Me 2 is currently chewing up the greenery on the US Box Office charts with hundreds of millions of dollars, proving how much of a hit it is for both children and adults. One storyline that caught my attention is that of Margo, who is getting to the age where she begins to like boys. In the trailer, she is talking to someone on the phone and the movie shows she has a crush on a boy with a charming accent. A bad boy.

Watching this, it got me thinking of those early teenage years and who was the real person I first crushed on? Because I was such a reader, I first crushed on book characters, lol. But I remember this guy I used to see sometimes on the school bus. I don't recall much except he seemed shy too, and had nice eyes. Certainly not a bad boy. I wonder who he is, and where he is now?

Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever get their name? Are you in contact now? If you have their names, do you ever feel like googling them or looking them up on Facebook?


  1. I went to a co-ed school for my secondary school, and one boy in my SS3 class was so cute! I could swear back then I was in love with him, it was more than crushing. I would of done anything for him, if only he asked. He never did, and broke my heart. I never got any boyfriend till I finished uni because of that time. Funny tin is, I can't even remember his name, lol.

  2. Mine waz in d primary skool, waited n he nvr said any tyn. His name is Ezra oloche Elaigwu n jt last year we started talking bt then we r mature naw n me hooked up already.

  3. Her name is cillia mothoni..i still see her but i never dare aproach that chic coz she is hotter than a red-hot rod.not jz that,she is from a too well off fam for me to dare my courage.she is the only girl ive ever loved but i cant let her know..i lack words even when im fantasising.i've aproached many but with her,everything is impossible.

  4. when I remember some guys I have crushed on, I feel like slapping myself lol

  5. hmm this post is attracting lots of annonymous comentors.
    anyways.. my love goves to Despicable me. its impossible not to love mr Gru's spanish accent

    1. Pardon me but Mr Gru has a French accent dear, everybody loves despicable me :)

  6. I had my first crush in my final year of primary school on someone in my class but i have not googled them or looked them up. It was merely a crush that ended many years ago and i hadn't thought about it for ages.


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